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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Road trip, 2009

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You're lookin at your future, Sam!

That would have to be the far future -- i.e., minus about 30 pounds.

Is that BoJack LaLanne?

Is this a Pedalpalooza event I missed?

Once had a 13-foot fiberglas Casita that I possibly could have towed with a bicycle. It weighed about 900 lbs and I could pick up the tongue and pull it over to my truck to hook it up, which is a lot easier than backing the truck to the trailer. Going uphill would have been a challenge. Downhill a disaster.

Alone and dejected, a disgraced former mayor carts his remaining posessions as he goes from place to place, searching for a town that would have him.

What's funny is that the crew at Atomic Zombie Bicycles up in Toronto is working on a usable two-person trailer that can be towed by bicycle, and they just put out a newsletter detailing their initial work. It's at times like those that I wish I had a garage and access to an arc welder.

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