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Monday, June 29, 2009

Boop-boop-ba-boop-boop when I want to

The weekend that started off so well on Saturday just kept rolling through Sunday. The kids and I caught the end of the soccer game on the tube, and then I headed out to do battle with our tall, prolific rose trellis. It took forever to shape it up, but excellent tunes got me through some hot and squinty ladder work. Quincy Jones's Jook Joint, Cream's Disraeli Gears, the Stones's More Hot Rocks, and some fine KMHD jazz, including an hour of the opening night at the new jazz facility at Lincoln Center. Everything from Tony Bennett to "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby (Standing in the Shadows)?"

The beautiful reward for an afternoon at hard labor awaited at the dinner table. The Mrs., who humors me way more than I deserve, succumbed to my suggestion that we make salmon with a fresh raspberry-balsamic sauce. I pulled a couple of recipes off the intertubes and did the grilling, at least, but the rest was her responsibility. The meal turned out spectacular, aided considerably by a fine Oregon pinot noir that I recently received as a thank-you. Life is indeed good. But I doubt that I'll be able to raise my arms above my shoulders again for a couple of days. My hedge clippers and I are hitting that Ben-Gay vintage.

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Ah Disraeli Gears. That album, Fresh Cream, and Buffalo Springfield again were my first album purchases ever. There was a sale on ATCO label. Got all three for $5. And they were new. Saved my money for doing extra chores around the house. A certain amount was expected every week.

Jack- Which Oregon Pinot was it? Have you tried Cameron or J. Christopher? Good stuff...

It was Lange. Wish Oregon pinots weren't so pricey.

Yeah, they're not cheap but prices are slowly coming down. There are a few good ones in the $16-20 range... still in only-on-special-occasions territory for me though.

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