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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fireman Randy's new BFF

It looks like Multnomah County Commissioner Judy Shiprack is going to be as bad as I thought.

Meanwhile, the Lents Neighborhood Association last night voted 2-to-1 against the Paulson minor league baseball stadium disaster being pushed for their neighborhood park.

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“Don’t get smart with me,” another 71-year-old resident shot back at Leonard moments later. “I don’t like it.”

Freakin' awesome. Leonard has such an inflated ego. I wish I had been there to see that.

Find out who that man is and ask him to run for mayor.

Eventually Leonard said he would not support building the stadium in Lents if the community did not support it. That surprised some Lents residents.

Just like 39th Ave. and the Chavez renaming, right? Randy and his ilk can come up with any number of creative ways to assess community support, and no matter what the actual % says, Randy will be able to come up with some metric to justify building this thing.

Leonard sounded like a total prick at the meeting.

I'm embarassed I voted for him. It won't happen again.

Remember when he was going to stand up for common sense decisions? Now he supports crazy plans, he's out of touch, and he sounds angry all the time. What the hell happened? What's going wrong in this man's life?

My favorite Randy-ism is that the opposition is all being orchestrated by Westsidaz and downtown types.

Uh, did I miss something or has Randy and his BFF left downtown?

This trick of blaming people that conveniently:
a) Do not exist
b) Are not there to defend themselvs
is tiresome.

He really does thinkwe are stupider than him.

Is Bob Shiprack in a position to benefit from this boondoggle?

If so his wife may be in trouble....

Randy Leonard is doing a King Lear. Or maybe a Macbeth. Whatever it is, it's a mid-life crisis of gigantic proportions.

Be soulmates with a gay politician, be a great lover of blues music, be a non-politician politician, be cool, get all wild and make funny movies celebrating sexuality, imagine maybe I could be governor...

And then find out.............

oops, people find me not very cool at all, because I couldn't be Nkrumah...and I couldn't be Fish, who just sad "Sam can't be trusted", and then STFU about Sam, and I couldn't be Amanda, who after a few stumbles, got in her stride and opposed every single ridiculous idea I put in front of her....


I can't believe I ever voted for this trainwreck of a "leader"..

I just Googled the Oregon live website, funny but they didn't report the 2-1 vote against the stadium, they covered the silent bike ride instead, what is the old saying about good children should be seen and not heard and obey their elders. When is Portland going to wake up to the cronies and crooks coalition known as the friends and family plan of government where the subjects are commoners to be used by their betters.

What is up with Randy Leonard pulling the "tough guy" act? Threats, bullying, intimidation? This guy is a slimeball and a punk.

I was raised from my high school years on in that area and lived in the same general area as an adult for many years.

Lents must have changed. In the good ole days, Leonard would have had his butt kicked for shooting off his mouth in that disrespectful way.

People need to step up and tell him to shut up and NEVER talk to people that way again.

What is up with Randy Leonard pulling the "tough guy" act?

From what I can tell, that's all he has left. He has always had an arrogance about him. Now he is not getting his way, and his constituency is finally seeing through the fog.

"What is up with Randy Leonard pulling the "tough guy" act?"

Because it works with his hand-picked staff. He pays them well to buy their loyalty and unwavering support. In turn they feed his ego. I mean the staff meetings must be like an echo chamber for Randy.

My favorite still is when his chief of staff, Ty, sent out that email to Randy calling the rest of City Council stupid f-ers for not agreeing with Randy's brilliance. Only problem is - he copied everyone at City Hall by mistake.

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