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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dressed it up and they called it we

Here's a GPS and camera gadget called an Oregon 550. Why'd they name it that?

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Perhaps it has to do with the popularity of outdoor activities in Oregon? Geo-caching is really popular in these parts.

It's GPS, its a camera and its waterproof.

Garmin has a few different GPS products in their Oregon line.

From a recent review: "The Oregon is Garmin's latest generation of handheld mapping GPS units. . ."

I've got a predecessor, the 60csx, and it is quite handy. Can be used in the car, while bike riding, or when hiking in the woods or walking around town.

I guess having Oregon in the name is much more appealing than something like 60csx.

Perhaps Salem can figure out how to license the Oregon brand for additional revenue for the state.

Garmin acquired UPS Aviation in 2003, and UPS Aviation was headquartered in Salem, OR. Unless they moved it from their Turner Rd location by the airport, they've got an in-house Oregon division.

sebastian: It's still there, though it has little to do with their consumer GPS biz. (The Salem division does avionics, I believe.)

Maybe 550 is a reference to the cost. REI says that the expected retail price will be $549.

The Oregon line was preceded by the Colorado line of Garmin GPSs. What trendy state will be next? How about Delaware? You need a GPS just a find it.

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