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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cue the "Honeymooners" theme

We've been waiting for it, and after four months it's finally starting. That match made in heaven -- Fireman Randy and Nurse Amanda -- is heating up like the engine of a pickup truck that's being gunned as it totals a couple of cars.

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“I get the information the same time you do and I have yet to, in seven years, ask the council to hold something over,” Leonard shot back.

Translation: I don't really read most of this stuff, and I'm kind of annoyed that you do.

I want to be there for the "Bang! Zoom! To the moon, Amanda!"

But this all begs the question: Why should the mood be tense at City Hall?

Jack, I thought you promised no Creepy stuff today. Can't wait til tomorrow when we can discuss:"Hey dude, your pants are unzipped!"

Should have read further down. my bad

Why does Amanda have to read what Randy puts on her menu? He helped write it.. Sign the dotted line Amanda and trust good old BS Randy. He knows best and your only a woman.

Maybe like The Honeymooners, these two will be off the air before long. I'd take a dull informercial, at this point.

I'll place my bets on Amanda. Randy is an impulsive hot-head with a baaad temper (especially when it comes to "uppity women"). Oh, yeah, and he's also really bad about reading council materials (ie. the Ikea signage exemption issue he approved then later had a hissy fit over - doof).

Fritz is tough and detailed oriented and cool as a fox- as a psychiatric nurse she's used to dealing with borderline personality disorders and people having tantrums.

Maybe this is really more like Nurse Ratchet and her charges...
Take you pills Randy and calm down!

[Randy] was “appalled” because public process was being used as a justification for keeping a sidewalk ordinance

Yeah, that pesky public process always gets in the way...
Randy doesnt want to be mayor, he wants to be King.

[Randy] was “appalled” because

Randy was "stunned" by the first news of Adams.

The recent Oregonian scoop left Randy "numb".

Now Amanda, apparently, has left Randy "appalled".

man, it must be exhausting to be Randy Leonard. the daily mood swings alone would be enough to drive others to drink. at a taxpayer-funded lunch.

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