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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sacred feast day

It's Roy Orbison's birthday.

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Thanks for remembering a great artist.

You got the wrong picture, that's Ron Tonkin a few years back, Jack.

Gotta confess here. I just don't get the infatuation of American fans with Roy Orbison. I know he had a tragic life and all, but his reedy little voice and bizarre appearance never seemed to get him past cult status. Please explain what I am missing...

He was even bigger in England. If you don't get it, I can't help you.

You don't get the infatuation because: a) you are not an American; b) you are under 30 years old; c) you are confusing Roy Orbison with Tiny Tim (both wore oversize glasses); or d) all of the above.

It's called soul.

Roy was a major dude! I don't know that I could explain why I like him - I just do.

He sang like an angel and broke your heart and had that ineffable thing going on.

Thanks for the sublime tribute to a monumental and profound artist, Jack. Sha la la la. Mercy.

Tune in again tomorrow at happy hour.

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