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Monday, January 26, 2009

Open question

Sam the Tram Tongue refuses to apologize to Bob Ball for falsely sabotaging Ball's political aspirations. But what about Fireman Randy? He slung the mean stuff around pretty hard himself back in September '07, when Ball was the bad, bad, bad guy.

Has the Fireman said he is sorry? Is he going to?

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yeah. Leonard's (rightly) probably feeling pretty foolish right now. Adams owes him a profuse apology too.

and how exactly does Adams intend to work with Leonard, who's basically said Adams is "out of touch with reality" and a few other choice things about Adams' narcissistic reality bubble?

Randy means never having to say you're sorry.

Randy said on Straight Talk that he still believes that Bob Ball was wrong to link the Sam "rumor" with a request for Randy's endorsement, and as such still thinks Bob was in the wrong. He implied they are no longer friends.

I don't know how complicit Leonard is in all of this. \

I think taking Ball's comments and running straight to Sam showed he is covering his back side (oops!)

But when Sam said it was a lie did Randy wink back? If so, did Randy get jerked (oops again) around - either way!

Jeez, it'd be nice to have one politician we can take at face value.

We need to resolve this since I can no longer make any comment about Sam that is not double entendre.

>>"Joe D'Alessandro, the former head of the Portland Oregon Visitors Association, was married to a woman when he approached Adams several years ago for help coming out of the closet. They dined together and talked on the phone many times, D'Alessandro said, as he divorced his wife and rebuilt his life as an openly gay man.

"There's nothing like having a mentor, someone you can trust, someone who has been through something similar," he said. "People who are questioning Sam for this have no idea what it's like to be a gay man who is not out of the closet. To criticize him for trying to help other people is just disgusting."

From the Oregonian in Sept 07. I wonder if D'Alessandro feels any differently today?

I'd like to see a Portland city councilman who was willing to take a gutsy stand on ethics in public office.

but that would be career limiting, wouldn't it?

and seeing Fritz in recent action, I've now got two votes (Fritz and Adams) that I regret.

I didn't vote for either.

I prefer Mayor Samgojevich("sam-goy-ya-vich") to Sam the Tongue. Other options:

Mayor Douchey? Makes you want to shower.

Mayor Beauretard? Sounds French.

Mayor Talkingbull? Sounds native.

Samsquatch? He has a hairy back?

I would like to see more than City Council members take an ethics stand. What about all the other government body members that are directly affected, does business with Portland? And even members of appointed commissions, committees.

I appreciated Senator Wyden's comments today condemning Sam's actions. One would think that those closer to the issues would be saying more. But possibly it will take time for many bureaucrats and politicians to stick their fingers in the air.

Saying, acting, doing nothing seems to make them complicit, condones Sam's actions.

"City Council members take an ethics stand"

BWA-HA-HA-HA! Why would they bother? This is Portland.

In times of crisis such as these, we must turn to our venerable institutions for guidance. Transfer Sam to another city. That’s what the Catholic Church would do. What the area code for Wasilla?

Joe D'Alessandro was obviously much older than 17 or 18 when Sam "mentored" him. Apples and oranges.

Poor Beau. He's the only person I have any sympathy for in this situation. Most 17 year olds don't make good decisions, esp. when tempted by the possibility of a relationship with an older, powerful man like Sam Adams. Sam obviously toyed with him and then tossed him aside.


I'm not suggesting Joe had a relationship with Sam, but rather was suggesting that Joe might feel betrayed after defending the mayor thusly: "To criticize him for trying to help other people is just disgusting."

I'm not making any insinuation that Joe knew anything, but like Randy Leonard, he went out on a limb, and Sam cut it off the tree.

Bob Ball for mayor. Why not?

Roner -

Regarding Fritz, I am just laughing so hard my sides ache. Told you all so.

I've been trying to get folks on this blog to look at the reality of Saint Amanda for at least three years. It isn't pretty.

Just go find and ask Marty Susek,

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