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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A big noise with all the big boys

Earl the Pearl -- bow tie, bicycle, and all -- gets the royal treatment in today's New York Times. In the Science section, no less.

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NYT about Earl: and a transportation infrastructure that looks beyond the car

NYT about Earl: He is a founder of a “livable communities task force” whose goal, he said, is to educate members of Congress and their staffs on the benefits of transportation alternatives

NYT about Earl: When Mr. Blumenauer is in his Portland district, he usually gets around by bike, cycling about 20 miles in a typical day. He has three bikes in Washington and five here, and he cycles in all weather, even in the unusual snow Portland has had recently. “In falling snow you can get some traction,” he said.

NYT about Earl: “They are burning calories, not fossil fuel, they are taking up much less space, they are seeing the world at 10 miles per hour instead of 20 or 30,”
JK: Here you can see pictures of Earl’s real transportation. A SUV!


Earl the hypocrite.


Actually, the part about cyclists running stop signs, as if that were a good thing, was a little troubling.

I'm not a bicyclist, but I like the fact that many here are. I think it's healthy. I do not mind sharing the road.

Heck, I grew up in the Midwest where I often shared rural roads with huge tractors and combines that didn't move much faster than bicyclists.

But my biggest fear in Portland is that I'm going to run a bicyclist over on a dark and rainy night -- not because I'm not a careful driver, but because I can't see him or her.

Watching most of them roll through stop signs is somewhat annoying, but not a big deal to me unless there is lots of traffic -- I understand that stopping your momentum can be a pain. And plenty of drivers do "California stops," too.

But I do find it negligent on bicyclists' part not to have lights -- front and back -- on their bikes. And in my bike-heavy part of NW Portland, many don't.

A single reflector on the back seat just doesn't do it. And I'm certainly required to have lights front and back on my car -- and I get ticketed when those lights fail.

But lest it seems like I'm slamming bicyclists, I've noticed another disturbing trend -- runners and walkers going down the middle of the street at night in totally black clothing -- and totally failing to look around at intersections, even those governed by traffic lights.

On a rainy, dark night, that's ridiculous -- particularly in my area where sidewalks are readily available.

I actually went out and bought some reflective clothing so I'm no longer a pedestrian offender.

Remind me, besides riding his bike and earmarking money for Sam's trollies what has Earl ever done for Oregon?

Karlock better hope nobody ever catches him on foot! And, by the way, what's hypocritical for Blumenauer about a hybrid crossover?

Allan L., I've seen Karlock on foot a few times. Was that a threat?

from the Oregon State Statutes, Dept. of Transportation website. Note the section on lighting:

815.280 Violation of bicycle equipment requirements; penalty. (1) A person commits the offense of violation of bicycle equipment requirements if the person does any of the following:

(a) Operates on any highway a bicycle in violation of the requirements of this section.

(b) Is the parent or guardian of a minor child or ward and authorizes or knowingly permits the child or ward to operate a bicycle on any highway in violation of the requirements of this section.

(2) A bicycle is operated in violation of the requirements of this section if any of the following requirements are violated:

(a) A bicycle must be equipped with a brake that enables the operator of the bicycle to stop the bicycle within 15 feet from a speed of 10 miles per hour on dry, level, clean pavement.

(b) A person shall not install or use any siren or whistle upon a bicycle. This paragraph does not apply to bicycles used by police officers.

(c) At the times described in the following, a bicycle or its rider must be equipped with lighting equipment that meets the described requirements:

(A) The lighting equipment must be used during limited visibility conditions.

(B) The lighting equipment must show a white light visible from a distance of at least 500 feet to the front of the bicycle.

(C) The lighting equipment must have a red reflector or lighting device or material of such size or characteristic and so mounted as to be visible from all distances up to 600 feet to the rear when directly in front of lawful lower beams of headlights on a motor vehicle.

(3) Nothing contained in this section shall be construed to prohibit the use of additional parts and accessories on any bicycle consistent with this section.

(4) This section does not apply to electric personal assistive mobility devices. Equipment requirements for electric personal assistive mobility devices are provided in ORS 815.284.

(5) The offense described in this section, violation of bicycle equipment requirements, is a Class D traffic violation. [1983 c.338 §502; 1985 c.16 §260; 1985 c.69 §5; 2003 c.158 §15; 2003 c.341 §17; 2007 c.821 §1]

what's hypocritical for Blumenauer about a hybrid crossover?
JK: Its NOT a bike and its NOT mass transit, the only two forms of transport he advocates for others. Earl the hypocrite.

He doesn't just advocate, he tries to force them on us. Earl the hypocrite.

As to it being a hybrid. so what! It is still bigger and more wasteful than he would have others drive. Earl the hypocrite.

Why wasn't it a crappy little hybrid to save the earth, like he proposes for others (the earth saving part)
Answer: Do as I say, not as I do. Earl the hypocrite.

Earl the hypocrite.

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