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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Here's Bush a while back with the father of the guy he pardoned and unpardoned this week.

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I wondered what had happened to Pervez Musharraf's hair.

It was not immediately clear if the picture was snapped before or after Robert Toussie's $28,500 donation to the Republican National Committee in April.

I'm pretty sure the picture was taken immediately after the guy gave his $$ to the RNC. Remember that Bush has spent the last 8 years having his photo taken with any sucker who ponied up big bucks for the privilege.

Give the guy a break. If every picture of the preznit posing with criminals were to surface, we'd be here for quite a while.

The article doesn't mention that Norm Coleman (R Minnesota, but hopefully not for much longer) received $4,600 from the Toussies, pere et fils.

Apparently the Toussies like to spread their ill-gotten wealth around. Unfortunately it's not going to anyone who deserves it, people they bilked and US taxpayers.

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