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Friday, December 12, 2008

They're lovin' it -- not

Looks like the unions and McDonald's are having a bit of a falling out.

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Oh great. Once McDonald's is unionized I can look forward to paying $10 for a "value meal".

Hopefully the Unions can do to McDonalds what they did to the American Auto Industry.

I doubt management can influence labor much in the event the will of labor is to organize. Those are lots of underpaid employees. As for the union soliciting my support and e-mail address to pass my message onto McD's mngmt - do I really need more refuse in my in-box? Too bad they didn't just provide the address for management, then I would gladly have given them a rasher of my equity in pay rant. Oh well. 50% of that 13 mil. bonus might look good in the pocket of those 600 employees. Oh yeah, the math. That leaves fat cat CEO with a mere 6.5 Mil in his wallet. (tough year) Wife will need to cancel the spa treatments for the pets. Each and every employee receives $10,800.00 increase in annual pay. Not bad all around.

Oh yeah, and who will stimulate the economy more, the CEO or 600 employees whose expenditures will make their lives a little easier? Spreadin the wealth baby.

Oh yeah, great timing, let's see the economy is in the dumper and these clowns want to start a union. If I were a business owner (even a McDonalds) and my workers came to me telling me that they had joined a union and we were now a union shop; I'd start all the legal proceedings the next day to shut down the business ASAP. We are in tough economic times, I don't need a union to make it tougher on me. You want to hold me up with a union, then let's see how you do with no job. It's bad enough that there is a minimum wage - like a car stereo dealer once told me, he commented to one of his employees that he'd love to pay him what he was worth, but he HAD to pay him minimum wage (think about it).

Ha! I find it hilarious they use the words 'free choice' on a union website in support of card check. What's wrong with secret ballots again?

And $10/hr. to work at McDonalds? Are you serious? There are new hires at Intel making that.

I could not think of a worse time to try a stunt like this. Does Andy Stern even have a clue how bad the economy is right now? And he thinks any owner of a McDonalds will "welcome" this?

Dave A., et al.

The National Labor Relations Act, which first guaranteed the rights of workers to form unions, was passed in 1935.

It worked in the the Great Depression. The Employee Free Choice Act is long overdue, but the current financial crisis is even more reason to pass it.

When they were first formed years ago, the unions had laudable and noble goals. When workplace safety and child labor laws were passed, the unions turned to negotiating wages and benefits, which was NOT their original purpose.

They served their purpose, but their time has passed. Like it or not, if a business can avoid the tariffs and wage escalations that the unions demand by going to Canada or Mexico or other country....they will.

The sorry state of the domestic car manufacturer's is all the evidence you need. Guess my Big Mac will cost $15.00 soon....;-)

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