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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Long lost friend

The recycling truck is here. First time in three weeks.

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Hope my garbage is picked up soon - the neighborhood dog walkers see that the rollcan at the curb is not visible from my front windows, so they think it is their personal dog poop disposal facility.

Don't get me started on the dog doo. Doing some yard cleanup yesterday, I got a couple of presents from my less considerate neighbors.

What is this magical recycling truck you speak of?

@PMG: None of my business, but how is that a problem? I'd be delighted if the dog owners here in the sticks were considerate enough to do the bag and grab and then deposit the prize in a handy receptacle just waiting for a pickup ... what, does your service charge by the gram?

I've got to agree with @GAS, I almost want to put a sign on my garbage can for all the litterbugs and inconsiderate dog walkers who leave poo filled newspaper bags willy nilly on the sidewalk, that it's ok to use the trash can. Same thing goes for all the idiot smokers who feel the need to throw their empty cig packs on the ground.

Who said anything about bags? I was talking about dog doo not in bags.

Um, if I understood PMG's comments, he/she was ... unless it was intended to say that people just let their dogs go near the cans that are out of sight. That's why I asked ...

Well, with these new supertanker recycling rollcarts, I only put the thing out once a month anyway - I just don't generate that much waste as a single person.

(My trash rollcart goes out every two weeks).

This service interruption didn't even register for me.

I'm with PMG. It seems as if everyone in the neighborhood uses the garbage can for our building for their dogs' poop. The odor is so noxious when I open it to put my garbage in that I just about pass out. I think the dog walkers should take it home and put it in their own garbage can. Dog People need to understand that not everyone loves their pet, and certainly not their pet's poop. Also, isn't it Theft of Services to put your trash in some else's receptacle without their permission?

Well the missed service wasn't a big deal here either, but since this has become a place for generalized complaints about garbage issues, here's one.

Our service was changed from Trashco to Arrow a few weeks ago. The first week the new company showed up, I watched the truck go down the street, at each stop the workers putting garbage and yard debris together into the same truck. In some cases they grabbed a bag out of a garbage can, plopped it in on top of the yard debris in the green cart, and then put the cart on the hoist to dump it all in the truck. All our precious compost-ready yard debris went to the landfill that week.

I complained to the company and the City but nobody let me know how, or whether, it was followed up on. The person I talked to at Arrow seemed particularly casual about receiving the report.

Everytime the recycling truck turns around on our dead-end street he leaves a pile of crushed glass and a trail of hydraulic fluid. Green my ass!

And we haven't seen garbage or recycling service for 20 days tomorrow.

I agree with PMG. Dog feces should not go into the trash containers and subsequently contaminate the landfill. Dog owners should be required to dispose of dog feces in the same manner as human feces.

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