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Friday, October 31, 2008


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Condi looks great!

I like Obama's red jacket.

McCain has not put on a thrilling campaign...as a matter of fact, it has been almost as pathetic as Bob Doles. The difference between those two runs for Pres...is that Dole picked a running mate with a brain in his head. Palin was baggage BIGTIME..,..and McCain has shown no VISION for this country....Only the same political hack lines over & over "I wont raise your taxes-He will!

Obama is going to win this big and deserves it. He has poise, he has vision and he will LISTEN.


They're Out to Get You!

I have to admit Vincent Price summed up the Republican message pretty well:

Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize y'awl's neighborhood

The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom

"he has vision and he will LISTEN"?

Huh? What vision? Listen to whom?

Show me another far left liberal politician who has done that?

Come on. That isn't what they do.

They push the liberal agenda while ignoring everyone not on board.
Sam Adams in Portland, Ted Kulongoski in Salem, and every other example makes my point.

Obama will be no different.
You may be happy he is about to win and your far left guy will be president but this farce about his listening and bringing the country together is
really quite mean of you.

Be nice, tell the truth.

Mean? Like "Dick Cheney" mean? "Invading a country that hadn't attacked us and killing hundreds of thousands of people" mean?
I'm amazed at how the right wing can come off 8 years of screwing up everything and go right on criticizing everybody else.

You should shine the mirror back on these last 8 years and have a look at that before you talk about people being mean.

Using thousands of tons of depleted uranium that will keep on killing babies long after we're all gone....that wasn't mean?

Again, here we go with this two camp 'if you don't support Obama and the far left you must support Bush' crap. I'm conservative and I'll tell you that I'm not happy about the last eight years, and neither are MOST of us. So because this administration, who is not actually conservative in the least, labeled themselves conservative and screwed everything up, us true conservatives should vote against everything we believe?

The left really needs to stop generalizing. That's like me assuming all of you wear patchouli.

Isn't Governor Palin a "true conservative"?

I'm not buying it, Joey. This country is full of conservatives who supported President Bush when it counted and now want to distance themselves from this train wreck. The conservative movement gave us this disaster and you own it.

Is Rush Limbaugh a true conservative? Did Rush support Bush and Cheney?


I'm conservative and I'll tell you that I'm not happy about the last eight years, and neither are MOST of us

Then who the hell voted him back into office in 2004?

Ronald Reagan is a God to these people and he didn't show fiscal responsibility in government either. Our debt first started going crazy during those years as he espoused the dubious idea that if we make those at the top rich, it'll trickle down to the rest of us.
Now the rich have thrived again under Bush as our national debt has gone even crazier. They're not even pretending to earn it now - we just give it to them.

Maybe it's time for rank and file conservatives to realize the talk of fiscal responsibility was a con, and they have been duped.

Great call, Bill. The most fiscally responsible president of the last 30 years: Bill Clinton. The GOP is the home of culture warriors, not fiscal conservatives.

As we approach the end of the Bush nightmare a friend of mine sent me a Halloween photoshop of the W tombstone. On it was written "SIP". I queried my friend wasn't it supposed to be "RIP". No, he told me, its "SIP"-Suffer in Purgatory for all the misery inflicted on our country and the world over the last eight years. Couldn't agree more.

If you prefer looking at another side of the con game, how about using Christianity to keep the conservative flock in line? And then attacking a country and killing hundreds of thousands and not in self defense either?

The Bush administration would never have happened without the Religious Right so I'd ask them: What part of "Thou Shalt Not Kill" don't you understand?

Joey, if Bush does not represent your conservative values, then how does McCain represent them? McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time, and he wants to continue the tax cuts for high-income earners that helped put this country into a deeper financial hole than any nation in history (at least, any nation that survived).

And even if you disagree about the economic effects of Bush's tax cuts, isn't there a moral dimension to our fiscal policy? Is it consistent with conservative moral values to saddle our grandchildren with this debt? Why was it "conservative" to cut taxes at the very same time that we went to war? I doubt that any nation in history has done that. If the Iraq war was worth fighting, why wasn't it worth paying for? In World War II, Americans from every economic and social class made sacrifices. Just what sacrifices did Bush ask Americans to make (other than members of our armed forces) in order to fight the Iraq war? Will McCain do anything different in that regard?

After the Dems did pretty well in the 2006 election, State Senator Ferrioli (the GOP leader of the state senate) was quoted in the paper as saying something to the effect that the pendulum would swing back, and voters would eventually return to the party of fiscal responsibility. I laughed out loud! Under GOP leadership, our nation has taken on an almost inconceivable amount of debt -- and it did so just a few years after fire-breathing GOP stalwarts were urging a federal balanced budget amendment, and castigating every Democratic candidate for Congress who would not pledge to support that amendment.

Whatever happened to fiscal conservatism in the Republican party?

The conservative movement was a bowel movement and what plopped out was George W. Bush.

In reference to Drivin' fool's comment - the book "What's the matter with Kansas" though dense at times really does a good job of showing how the cultural conservative candidates promised all sorts of back to God legislation, while they had their hands in the middle class's pockets, fleecing them left and right. And those social conservatives never realized they had been had big time.

My thoughts....Obama is a smart cookie. He will surround himself with some top brilliant minds,...Richard Lugar is one, Buffett, Powell....etc. This is a guy will not knee jerk and make stupid moves like Junior. McCain has the same go gettem personality.
His way -or no way. I have had it with this mind set. Let's give this guy a good shot. He will do what is right for the country.
I feel he will strive to be a success in the job and not a miserable failure like W. PLUS...Palin is a stupid hillbilly. No way is she even close to being ready. Huge blunder on the old foot soldiers part.
That was his first big decision, and I'm positive he has major regrets today. She started off as the great white hope and today she is a bad comedy act.

Labels necessarily divide and generalize, and thereby marginalize the subject labeled, but how else do we sort out the tribes of different ideology out there?
Now we add subsets of "true" to conservatives and "real" to americans.
This election has driven us all "sub-divisive"
I sure hope we call a truce from ideology wars long enough to solve some dire problems.

This boogymen photo sure would work well with local politicians. Former and current.
All the left's "smartest" would fit well.
Katz, Kitzhaber, Sten, Adams, Brown, Bradbury, Kulongoski, etc etc etc.

Imagine if Kitzhaber were chosen to be a VP candidate. Is there any doubt he'd be annointed as ultra qualified by our local libs who are certain Palin is a moron?

Physician, Alaska TV sports reporter -- it's all the same.

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