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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Better late than never

More election porn showed up yesterday. The Mrs. and I each got a "voter guide" explaining to us the way correct-thinking folks are supposed to vote on the ballot measures. Although they came from outfits with different names -- "Defend Oregon" and "Our Oregon" -- they were pretty obviously created by the same people:

The Yes on 57/No on 61 gave us this guy. Can't tell whether he's supposed to be a criminal, a voter, or what:

But this one eclipsed them all for pure entertainment value -- some of the best porn is always generated by amateurs:

We finally see what our frequent blog commenter looks like. Given his slim-to-no chance against the union candidate, we may actually vote for JK, just for kicks. He'd give Salem a kick in the pants that it so richly deserves.

Comments (10)

I like the Karlock ad - "...who earned over 6 patents". So 7 patents then?

"From the organizations you trust"


Not likely.

Looks like JK cut his ponytail off...very statesman looking in that pic. I wonder why he didn't tout his "people skills" as qualifications for election?

I got the top mailer 6 times. Not very efficient use of campaign dollars.

I was happy to vote for my friend Jim Karlock. He's a good guy.

As far as the crime measures are concerned, I voted no on both of them.

The only reason 61 came into being is because that tired old war horse, Kevin Mannix, was trying to come up with some new political capital. As the father of the popular measure 11, he figured another tough on crime measure was just the ticket to get him back in the spotlight.

61, of course, is the mother of all budget busters, so the legislature cooked up 57. I don't think the state can afford either one.

If you want to throw a wrench in the works, vote no on both of them.

And, yes, I am a property crime victim. My house was burglarized in November of '06.

Regardless of one's label, Karlock asks very good questions and many times has an answer that is based on research and investigation. He's intelligent, insightful, and would be good at the legislature to give a new wrinkle. If you really want change, he would help. We can't afford a legislature that thinks all alike.

Karlock would be great to send to Salem. We need some sort of counterweight down there to the usual crowd of union financed harlots.

I agree with Jon, since when does anyone trust the AFL-CIO? The mob ties, murders, and robbed pension funds all kind of combine to lower the trust level a bit don't they?

Well Garage Wine, that is exactly the problem one runs into when they allow criminal elements to take over their organization. People hold them accountable.

I saw another thread on here where Jack was explaining why he doesn't have much trust for the Catholic church anymore. Only a small percentage of priests are pedophiles but it doesn't take a big skunk to stink stuff up. Same issue with big labor. They only had to commit a few murders, rob a few pension plans, etc and they all get tarred with that brush.

Not that they ever really reformed, the union strong arming is still alive and well. Look at all the money they take from the members to use for causes that the leaders support.

Bottom line is that when someone puts union orgs down on their election porn then they should know that they'll get backlash.

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