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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tearing out roads

Don't let Sam the Tram watch this -- they're ripping up asphalt on Mount Hood.

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I visited with a forest service contract employee a few years back and he told me many of the logging roads devouring countless millions for decomissioning had been so overgrwon and returned to a natural state that serveyors had to go out and locate the roads for decommissioning. Without themn one could walk right by and not notice the roads.
Completely stabilized with large rooted trees and brush he felt it was a crazy policy. Additionaly he said that the forest service was making choices from maps in offices that resulted in roads already naturally absorded being chosen over some that were still predominate and higher need of decomissioning.

In the Mt. Hood/Bull Run area there's probably some of the same things happening. Especially with non paved roads.
I notice the article says these roads "may" be washed out if not decomissioned.
Well in the 30 to 40 years of their existence they have been inundated to the extreme many times.
I remain very skeptical about this whole process.

I can see it now: The Bull Run Streetcar.

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