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Friday, September 12, 2008

Lars Larson works Gordon Smith over

In the senator's case, I would say from this audio clip that the base is not energized.

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What a sorry-sounding voice. I half-expected him to call WW, a "wascally wabbit." Let's lose Senator Elmer Fudd here and buy him a sofa for his retirement.

Of course, LIARS privileged 'celebrity'-entainment broadcast -- not being bona fide News, like, with legitimate Press credentials and investigative shoe leather and all -- got cuts-to-the-front-of-the-line positioned as a rapid-response LIARS 'SWAT' at newspaper-factual evidence published in Pulitzer Prize-quality Willamette Week that day, in proof showing non-Oregonian Gordo normally hires illicit immigrants.

Didn't do much 'good' (termed in LIARS p.o.v.), lisping refute of "thosh libeloush, shlanderoush Willamette Week weenies," while the indelible ink in bold black and white, endures in print with standing substantiation of Gordo's filthy ill-gotten riches on the backs, out of the mouths, and off the top of his exploited victims.

You simply can't buy that broadcast sort of quick-drawn same-day snuff of a spreading indictment by newspaper news.

But if you could, it'd cost you about 30,000 shlamolies (for 30 minutes) plus greasing the palm of the cheesy squeeky Big Wheel. LIARS was happy to contribute that in-kind trade amount to the political campaign p.r. effort ... as long as his unreported expenditure is over the air and under the table ... since otherwise it is an electioneering felony.

Seriously Tensky, what are you talking about?

What is he ever talking about?

Tensky your WW link is a very inaccurate hit piece.

I know you guys are in a hurry to shoot the messenger, but c'mon ... you can't make it through four paragraphs using 185 words?

Who cares who Tensk...who is. About Smith... I made my decision. Definitely not Smith, and probably none-of-the-above.

Poor Gordon. I actually feel sorry for him now. I imagine he thought he was walking into friendly territory.

It's an odd feeling watching Lars rake him over the coals like that. Reminds me of the way he was when he was subbing for Gallagher, back before he decided he was going to be the PNW's answer to Limbaugh.

I'm sure after he lays down and has a rest, he'll get over that tho.

Does anyone else find it interesting Gordo repeatedly says "I don't run the company, I can't"? Then near the end says " I'll talk to my wife, she's chairman of the board". I thought when you are married you are considered as "one".

Many of us on the "right" think Gordon Smith no longer represents us.

He has never been a strong Republican, but he has usually been a good vote for us on the Hill.

However, more and more, we find that it is harder and harder to support him and look up to him. He seems so dead set on preserving his political career that he is willing to change any position and say damn near anything to get elected.

Lars is a firebrand, and thank God for people like him. We need him to keep our politicians accountable for their words and actions. If Sen. Smith is going to continue to represent this great State, he should not roundly dismiss Lars and others who disagree with him as "fringe right-wingers". We are his "base", and the folks like us are the ones who actually get out and work for him in our own communities.

I will be voting for Senator Smith, and I would encourage all of you to do so as well, but I can tell you, I am no longer excited to do so.

The choice this election is between a man who I share about 60% of my beliefs with a man who I share about 10% of my beliefs with (Merkley). That sure is nothing to get excited about, and that is not the kind of support that gives a Senator any sort of mandate to take back to Washington.

Please, Senator Smith, go with your mind, your heart and your conscience when you address policy issues, don't just do what you have to do to get elected. That just leads to greater apathy on the part of Oregonians and doesn't exemplify the good man I know you to be...

Wow, I can only imagine the squirming, flushed face defensive attitude on the other end. E-verify was the question - not sophisticated enough- the answer. Then, "I don't run the company Lars, I can't run the company. It's run by professionals...my wife's Chairman of the Board of Directors."
That was a lame attempt to insulate himself.
Biometrics is not the solution to this problem, self reporting is. All employers should receive immunity provided they disclose all undocumented workers who then receive a temporary work visa (5yrs) during which they attain citizenship or permanent resident status. This eliminates from undocumented status an enormous number of immigrants who fill employment needs. C'mon people, lets solve this one. With regard to the Senator, I hope he regains his freedom to serve on the Board of Smith Frozen Foods this January.

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