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Friday, September 26, 2008

Have a great weekend

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I regret that the Clinton Global Initiative has been lost in the economic news of this week. Its a great program whose 2008 annual meeting should have been a huge piece of news, but for the media screaming DEF-ECON 5 at the top of their lungs.

It's especially frustrating that our pea-sized attention span media apparently also has OCD and can't do anything but one thing at a time, as shallow as possible. If you want to be all ADD about your news, great: just report on new things every time.

Missed news stories: CGI, White Rabbit candy linked to tainted milk in China (remember Nixon?), Ted Stevens corruption trial, Somali piracy, an agreement on Iran's nuclear future, SEC's statement that deregulation caused crisis, China overtaking US in broadband capacity, the IP bill passing the Senate, and Swiss man, using homemade jet engines and wings, flew across the English Channel.

Thanks. American Tune is one of Paul Simon's best, and it sure fits my mood the last 6 years.

Isn't DEFCON 5 the lowest level of alert?

Yes, it is. Yes, I'm wrong. Yes, I would edit my comments if I could. No, I'm not planning to change this talking point, but, yes, I am going to change it to DEF-ECON 1.

If that makes me a flip-flopper, so be it.

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