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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Freedom of speech? Not in Mountain Park

In that part of Lake Oswego, you can't even have a political sign on the inside of your front window.

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It's the HOA, man. Everyone up there knows the rules and what they can and cannot do. It's pretty clear. Not sure that I have any sympathy for the person.

There is a similar issue up in Vancouver. A HUD apartment complex banned all flags. Even in they are in your home, but can be seen from outside.

A radio host I once listened to used to say that HOAs were just ways you paid lawyers to eventually sue you over something.

They sound thoroughly nasty and evil. If an HOA is benefitting you now, that doesn't mean they won't take you to the wall over something in the future.

I'm glad I live in cowboy country now where that kind of pomposity and conformity is not the norm. Jon: An HUD complex sounds like there is state action to sue the ba**ards. Someone ought to see whether legal aid lawyers in Washington are interested.

When you consider buying a home in Mountain Park, it's made pretty clear that you are going to live within a strict HOA. Some of the rules make sense to keep things orderly. Some may be perceived as overkill. However, one man's battered old truck on blocks in the front yard is another man's political sign. Those are the rules, people, and you signed up for them. Don't buy in a restrictive HOA if you don't want rules. And don't expect to pick and choose.

And, no I do not and would not live there. Too many rules!

@Livin la Vida Suburbia: You make a good point. My sympathy for Mountain Park residents is somewhat limited, in as much as it's no doubt made aware to them that they are expected to trade in a right or two for the privilege of such cachet.

I don't think any agreement with an HOA should trump anybodys ability to put of a campaign lawn sign which, after all, isn't that much of an eyesore (the actual design not withstanding) and quickly goes away after the election. The HOA in Mountain Park (and the HUD people) are being (insert male member euphemism)s here, as far as I'm concerned.

Funny, isn't it, how a rule that would not be accepted if coming from a government seems to be perfectly fine to many if it comes from a homeowners' association. What's the difference?

Freedom of speech doesn't mean much these days.

Our 2002-vintage condo association bylaws have much to say about signs, especially business signs. But they specifically exempt political expression from regulation. And they were probably cookie-cuttered out of some standard language from ORS 100.

In my opinion, that's the way it should be. Another example: if you inherited pre-1964 HOA bylaws that had never been changed, you would likely find regulations promoting redlining that have since been overruled by the 1964 Civil Rights Act. I don't think anyone here is going to argue that you must follow the HOA bylaws in this case. And yet another, more recent example: HOA regulations requiring cedar shake roofs have been overruled (although it's still OK to require dimensional shakes) - this is a fire safety issue.

Laws can change, and HOA rules should evolve with them. If they don't, government regulations usually trump them.

"The Greater Good."

"In answer to a question that has arisen today, HUD does not prohibit, nor specifically regulate the display of American flags at privately-owned HUD-assisted and/or insured properties"

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Alan L and Chris. For your information,
MPHOA is a for-profit corporation not a government. People know what the CC&R's are before they move in and agree to abide by them. Freedom of Speech issues don't apply. There is a process in place to change the CC&R's if anyone wants to do so.

Well, considering that the homeowners' association allows For Sale signs, how about one like this?

For Sale:
McCain/Palin '08

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