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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ultimate Usual Suspect joins PDC board

In a rare show of government efficiency, Portland Mayor-elect Sam the Tram has put Scott Andrews, a president in the Melvin Mark real estate empire, on the Portland Development Commission board. Taxpayers' money will now stream to wealthy real estate interests with even greater speed and less resistance than under the Grampy administration. The enhanced flow of cash to the West Hills will also create a useful drag for the OHSU aerial tram, thus improving fuel efficiency and sustainability. A honcho at the Portland Business Alliance, the MAC Club, etc., you can bet Andrews will be there to help cut the ribbon at the new Convention Center hotel we're all going to pay for. Oh, the places we're about to go.

The big question: Arlington Club, University Club, or both?

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Wow...it's amazing; I CAN predict the future! (please see post from 2 days ago)

I can just imagine the others Sam was considering.

Limited to those who's interest is in conflict with any effort to reveal the past and present schemes that obscure and divert 100s of millions in tax dollars every year.

All the while the man without any integrity, Adams, plots his next attack on the taxpayers, basic services and the infrastructure he neglects.

I'm disgusted by the concept that real estate business interests are the PDC's only constituency. I think it's safe to assume that Adams as mayor will deliver Portland to the privileged even more effectively than at present.

Has anyone heard the ads for the PDC lately? The ones about the lead testing? Everytime I hear that ad come on, I start seeing red as I cannot believe the audacity the PDC has shown in trying to get us to watch the left hand while the right hand is grabbing us by our soft spots.

I'm partial to the UC myself. Not a member, but occasional guest and I've enjoyed my open bar invites. Does that answer your question?

But you guys are forgetting that Sam is gay and very progressive. He says that all the time, so it must be true. So when he does something like this that blatantly contradicts the image he tries so hard to cultivate, you just have to realize that any cognitive dissonance you are experiencing must be due to the "right winger" types who visit this blog.

The University Club is livelier, but Arlington Club has better food. Real estate interests congregate in the Members Grille at the UC after work. Banking and finance people go to the AC for breakfast and sometimes lunch.

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