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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Special guest

Interesting night last night. We had a bat in the house. The kids stayed pretty calm, but the Mrs. and I went into, shall we say, a stated of heightened awareness.

She: "Aaarrgh! There's a bird in the house!"

I: "What?"

She: "There's a bird or something flying around in the -- aaarrgh! How did it get in here?"

I, from behind a door that was open just a crack: "I think it's a bat! Open some windows and the doors! Try to get him to fly out!"

She: "I just took my contacts out!"

I: "Well, you better put 'em back in."

After a few minutes of spastic movements on my part (mostly ducking and hiding), the Mrs. finally shooed the poor thing out the back door with a broom.

Geez! A dang bat!

I remember a time years ago when we were visiting the headwaters of the Metolius, and I stopped in the park men's room there for a potty break. I was seated in the stall in a compromising position when under the door came limping an extremely sick bat, which apparently had been roaming around the nearby campground in broad daylight. I screamed bloody murder and, forgoing some of the fundamentals of personal hygiene for the moment, scrambled out of the building. A crowd of onlookers outside thought it was pretty funny.

Freakin' bats.

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Jack, are you afraid of vampires?

Bats are pretty decent, except for the rabid ones, and leaving aside their own personal hygiene habits. We used to have them in the house fairly often in central Oregon, and it was occasionally difficult to coax them back out. I don't think they view us much more beneficently than we them.

(Most) Bats eat tons of mosquitos, and the like. The way whales eat krill and plankton.

Bats are about innocuous. Inside the house, though, is not innocuous. Be glad I guess there's no belfry ;-)

I think the reaction you described is the most common reaction to a bat in the house in the history of man.

Regarding the bat in the toilet stall, what better place to have the **** scared out of you?

Jack, it probably mistook you for Heath Ledger.

We had one fly into the screen at an open bedroom window in the middle of the night. It got stuck, but shook itself free before I could get out of bed. But not before freaking out our cats.

I'm convinced that this is not an isolated incident.

The animal kingdom knows which species is responsible for air and water pollution, habitat destruction, endangerment / extinction of species, resource depletion, global warming, and superfund cleanup sites. And they are very, very, angry.

Re: the Metolius incident: a true definition of the term 'batshit crazy'?

I do sympathize with you, Jack, during the unstoppable invasion of your home and the distress you and your family suffered. Having a wingbat somewhere in the house is like having LIARS on the radio dial: you know its a bloodsucker and rabid infections are deadly to everyone nearby.

"When you are truly serious that you are willing to 'sacrifice' to DO SOMETHING, then BOYCOTT Cable TV. Click that sucker OFF !! It takes so few of us, like 1,000 in the Portland 'market,' or 100,000 in this country, to bankrupt television and its LIARS."
Practice What You Preach.
You are his biggest fan.

I count the advertisers. And then call them to say their number's up.

Portal to mythical Mayan underworld found in Mexico, By Miguel Angel Gutierrez, MEXICO CITY (Reuters), Aug 15, 2008

According to an ancient Mayan scripture, the Popol Vuh, the route was filled with ... houses shrouded in darkness or swarming with shrieking bats ....

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