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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The smart people are arriving

A warm welcome to Portland for law librarians from throughout the country, who are descending upon our fair city this weekend for their 101st annual meeting. Law librarians are kind of like tax professors -- many people picture them as a stuffy, dull group, but they're anything but. The keynote speaker is going to be David Pogue, the personal technology columnist for The New York Times, whose work I particularly admire.

For my part, I'm going to be talking to two different sessions of the group -- one about blogging and the other about teaching. A double honor and pleasure.

The conference continues through Tuesday, and so if you run into any of the attendees, please show them the kindness that Portland, despite its many changes, is still noted for.

Comments (4)

I am amazed they could attract such an august gathering without a convention center hotel. Those wacky Hilton kids keep reeling in the big wins.

big "fish", not wins.

Sorry for the mixed metaphor [law librarian shudders]..

What does a law librarian do these days? Computer repair?

Computer repair? Of course! We also prepare legislative histories for both Oregon and federal laws and rules, research company information (competitive intelligence), find regulatory letters from twenty years ago, cite check cases, purchase new books, evaluate, analyze and train patrons on new electronic resources, scan the news for information on our clients, potential clients, and competitors. Lots more I could write about but I have attorneys to assist.

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