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Friday, July 25, 2008

Clue No. 4

Not many of the guests were hunky, though.

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Hunky...Dory?? Pacific City?

And Bob Straub was the guv who was earlier the treassurer.

"minus a plus" -- must be shorter than 'too tall' to ride this ride

"wailin' ... old treasurer" -- kids 'wail' One old Sec. of Treasury was Al Hamilton, portraited on the sawbuck ... the 'under ten' gnarly pirate-talking crowd arrgh arrgh?

"Henry Gibson" -- was he the one in a Glousterman's foul-weather gear, riding the tricycle on Rowan & Martin's 'Laugh In' ... ver-r-r-ry int'resting, silly lapris, trikes are for kids.

"not hunky" -- when we're barely juvenile stage.

Ergo, Q.E.D., therefore, stab in the park: Disneyland?

Wasn't Arte Johnson the trike rider on Laugh-In?

You're in Negril, Jamaica, at a tax conference.

The minus was a plus - refers to the clothing-optional beaches at the resort, Hedonism II.

You're wailing with an old treasurer - the "wailing" is an obvious reference to The Wailers of reggae fame, and I believe Jacob Marley was the Ebeneezer Scrooge's treasurer in "A Christmas Carol," so the "Marley" allusion seals it.

The Gibson reference must be to Gibson Guitars, used by the reggae band.

And the fact that few of the guests were hunky can only mean you were hanging out with other members of the tax bar.

Must have been in Norway.

Scandinavia is it. Henry Gibson is code for Henrik Ibsen.

Washington D.C.

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