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Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to blow a nice lead

This is really tacky. It needs to be taken down, put in a closet, and never resurrected again except as some kind of joke after the inauguration.

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Our exalted leader's exalted crest! All hail Obamus Maximus! He's so eloquent behind that seal.

Hollywood at its best!

Why wait for all that voting nonsense in November?

He's ahead by 15% in the polls, and McCain is just too damn old.

Obama needs to set up a shadow government, and just start acting presidential. He's already a U.S. Senator, he doesn't need anybody's permission to begin meeting with foreign leaders and drafting domestic policies.

Si se puede.

He's already got the seal.

"He's ahead by 15% in the polls...."

At this point in the race, Dukakis lead Bush Sr. by 17 pts.

He's the messiah and is merely trying to see which new seal (that he will mandate) will play best with the public. I expect in the next one that he will replace the eagle with his own face. Doesn't matter, short of committing murder on TV, the liberals absolutely WORSHIP this man.

At this point in the race, Dukakis lead Bush Sr. by 17 pts.

Yes, but Bush's friend Willie Horton has gone to sleep forever.

No Willie Horton, but then there's this:


We should have a seal for Bush...Pardon for repug crooks free.

Seriously, if people will let McCain's horrible green backdrop or Obama's silly looking seal dissuade voting for them...

We're going to be debating back and forth all election on these little missteps that don't amount to a hill of beans. The media will over analyze the minutiae without our help... we shouldn't encourage them.

Looks like Obama better pull the plug on that idea, but I kinda like the latin phrase: "Vero Possumus" - on second thought?

For him to be standing behind the word "opossum" is awful.

I've been out of town with a bunch of HS/college students... but I'm now ready to join in on this one.

Osama hasn't had any impact in the Senate. He hasn't presented any plans for change, other than the normal rhetoric about "change." He's a close friend of Al Sharpton... (Willie Horton's replacement) and has no idea what should be done for domestic or foreign policies. So, am I to assume I should vote for him because he has a classy podium. I don't think so.

With McCain, at least I get a person who has earned his gray hair, has served in the Senate for decades, and made efforts for bi-partisan cooperation. Lastly, I don't want a leader who everyone adores, I want a leader who is respected.


You can't talk about Obama's accomplishments or lack there of without at least acknowledging that he did get elected to the Senate by beating this gal's husband:


Now THAT is an accomplishmet.

I especially like the ears they Photoshopped on him.

I don't want a leader who everyone adores, I want a leader who is respected.

But wait, don't tell me, you voted for Bush twice.

Where is the logic in that question, Jack? There is certainly not an abundance of character in either party. And to address your question, yes, I did vote for Bush, both times. And I think he has made a healthy dose of mistakes.

Who respects him? It seems to me that 90% of the world either hates him or is laughing at him -- and that was true in 2004, when you last voted for him.

Bush is a lousy public speaker, and there's little doubt that he failed to deliver much of what the conservatives hoped to see him achieve.

He certainly made a few regrettable cabinet and judicial appointments.

That said, Hurricane Katrina (and the aftermath) would have been a state/local/Federal clusterfark know matter who was sitting in the White House.
If the local authorities had followed their own evacuation plan, most of the loss of life would have been avoided.

The War in Iraq (while terribly costly) demonstrated America's ability to project power and stay engaged in a protracted guerilla conflict. America's friends and allies had come to doubt this ability after Vietnam: they don't today.

American diplomacy will benefit from the military's demonstration of staying power in Iraq: 48 hours to get out Baghdad means just that. It remains to be seen whether this credibility will be sufficient to deter Iran without military action, but I am hopeful.

Finally, the lefties never give Bush any credit for keeping us safe: Al Qaeda has been unable to launch their follow-up to 9/11. Whine about the Patriot Act, taking your shoes off at the airport, and GITMO all you want: the fact remains that we are safer today thanks to George Bush.

Even after the use of propaganda to justify the oil grab is confirmed by the former press secretary himself. Even after the oil grab finally materializes, there are still true believers. Bush gets credit for making us more hated than ever by the world community. This is what happens when diplomatic finesse is replaced by death and destruction. We have learned well that hearts and minds are never available when faced with the missles of a drone.

You're right Jack, I'm sure President McCain will be amused by it.

In your dreams, Sarge.

Thanks Jack, at least you got the rank right.

Semper Fi

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