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Monday, June 30, 2008

Bill Clinton: "Obama can kiss my a*s"

So report the Brits.

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It is divorce time for Bill. He's expendable. Hillary will do anything to be VP or the next president the next cycle or two.

I think he's peeved because the whole Male First Lady gig was going to be a great way to meet chicks.

The way it looks now, Obama is going to win, with or without the Clintons' help. And when he does, both of them are going to see their influence significantly drop.

Meat chicks?
Sorry, that was juvenile.

But I've always thought Bill Clinton was adolescent.

Now doubt he's pissed that the Clintons aren't headed back to the WH.

Especially when they now know for certain that had it not been for this Obama guy they would have a very good shot at it.

It's all so very sad. :)

You're probably right, like the first time he was running for president he hit on my friend's good looking wife, here in Portland. Since he can't run again, second best was fine with Bill. Now he's lost that opportunity. No wonder he's mad at Obama.

"Obama can kiss my a*s"

Ya know after all this time you would think he could keep that type of thing private by now

Don't fret, everything's terrific now.

You really have to wonder how that phone conversation went.

I still think something's going on between Obama and the rest of the Democrats. I really don't see a lot of the party regulars stepping up, myabe they don't think he needs it. Maybe he is the parvenu to their old money, who knows?

With the amount of money owing by Hillary,$20,000,000. Guess who is the ones to kiss ass?
With racism as strong as it is I don't see Obama in the white house. The vitriolic machine is now warming up from the repugs...and they are masters at it.

Hey, did the Clintons ever pay their bills from campaigning here in Oregon, or are we gonna have to refer them to the Oregon Department of Revenue for collections?

"With racism as strong as it is"

Except for yourself and your friends, right?

I still think that Mr Obama still needs to state what he stands for since his resume is basically less than one full term in the Senate. Yes, I know he's not George Bush (which doesnt hurt, ask John Kerry) and he's going to get us out of Iraq, but we have a few other issues with the economy and energy he's not even talking about besides raising taxes.

PS - Laugh, but I was pulling for Hilary ('cause of Bill) and don't like McCain.

With regard to Bill's outbursts and strange diatribes...when someone has heart surgery, it is medically proven that their personality can change...especially if put on a heart/bypass machine...that being said...I honestly thing he's horribly jealous of Obama.

They say that the older you get the more your true personality emerges...

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