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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The beat goes on

State House candidate Cyreena Boston keeps sending us her beautiful but lightweight flyers. Her last one had a foreign film festival feel to it. Before that it was a barrage of retail images -- first perfume, then clothes. Today it seems like maybe we've moved on to feminine hygiene products of some kind:

If things don't work out in the election, this gal has got a great future ahead of her at Land's End.

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Hmmm, I've never made the connection between wind power and feminine hygiene products before...

Where is she putting the Wind Turbines in House District 45?

On Jack's roof.

Who's doing her marketing?

Phil Busse?

sachscommunication LLC
Hiram Sachs

Popular guy.

Does he give Green Stamps or what?

...now THAT dates me.

Looks more like an ad for some kind of pharmaceutical you are supposed to ask your doctor about.

Suddenly I feel so...fresh!

Don't forget that a state representative makes decisions for the entire state. As a district, you need to know that not only is a candidate going to do the right thing for your district, but also that they're going to support or oppose certain things when they happen in other areas of the state as well.

You want to know about their local vision for the district as well as what they're going to do when they're down in Salem voting on bills that directly impacting areas outside the district, but still a concern to those in the district.

It would be like us saying why do we care where Earl Blumenauer stands on drilling in the Arctic - is the Arctic in Oregon's 3rd Congressional District?

Disclaimer: I've done web work for Cyreena Boston's campaign, but I speak only for myself and not the campaign.

Yep -- I got the drug touchy feely vibe too.

Jenni...instead of just showing wind towers in her ad, how about a little substance for her district AND the State?

When I got home tonight I had a Cyreena flier on my door with a small handwritten note. I looked through the flier and it tells me, well, pretty much nothing. If I need to go to her website to understand her position, well, it aint happenin tonight!

Since you've worked for her enough to think you need to put on a disclaimer to your post, put a little more work in defining Cyreena. Let me know what she stands for and I will vote for her. But I won't cast a vote because there is a smiling add attached to my door that looks like it could have come from Macys.

I don't have any real complaints about Cyreena's pieces. I expect that, like Sam Adams' Jack-in-the-Box junk food aesthetic, they are at the very least fairly accurately representations of the tastes and judgments of the candidate (not to mention a tell about their thinking of their audience).

Cyreena's mailers have a pretty thorough and deliberate mainstream superficiality to them. That they look like a Macys ad is not something I necessarily take as evidence of her being disingenuous, only that this is another expression of her values. I'm sort of intrigued, really, by this confabulation of hippie chestnuts expressed in the visual language of abject consumerism. We obviously don't read the same magazines (or, rather, catalogues) and only somebody who has spent some time in the world of Macys and Lands End could so effectively mimic the vernacular. It could be a cultural difference between her and I moreso than a value difference. Which is fine. But more than likely it is just a young person regurgitating a youth-market language whose authority they guilelessly believe everybody acknowledges and respects.

Tired of seeing 'passion' positioned in every sentence? You'll be relieved now that 'legacy' is the word we're smitten with.

"Since you've worked for her enough to think you need to put on a disclaimer to your post..."

For me, if I do any paid work whatsoever for a candidate, it should have a disclaimer. It doesn't matter if it's $10 or $1,000 - if I have been paid by a candidate, I'm going to state that right up front.

I support Cyreena for a variety of reasons, but most importantly is her commitment to the community and her work in that community. Cyreena is extremely bright and I'm sure she could have taken any number of high paying jobs. But she has chosen over and over again to work in positions that put her in direct contact with the community and assisting those who are often overlooked, underserved, and the like and ensuring they have a voice.

Ugh, the disclaimer didn't paste in the post above...

Disclaimer: I've done web work for Cyreena Boston's campaign, but I speak only for myself and not the campaign.

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