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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fun and games

Our new PC has arrived, replacing the one that we cooked last week.

It's wonderful.

It's awful.

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I've been chugging through a lot of manuals this year. By that, I mean I learned just enough to cover the basics and have a sense of where to look up the rest as individual problems arise. My old favorite line in my camera manual was about one setting for infinity and another setting for beyond infinity.
That was my old favorite. I think my new favorite is, "The Final Cut Pro 6 User Manual incorrectly states that time remapping parameters can be saved as motion favorites. You cannot save time remapping parameters as motion favorites."
I'm so glad they cleared that up.
Good luck with your new computer.

What did you buy? Dell? Apple? Psystar?

Dude, I got a Dell.

Don't worry, that awfulness will go away soon ;)

Dude. I feel your pain. :-) Desktop or laptop?

It sounds like you've been exposed to Vista.

Desktop. Oh yes, Vista. Pain in the bum.

Get a return on it ASAP and get a MAC. Why are you punishing yourself? U crayZ, Dude!

The all-time Why You Should Have Got a Mac story (h/t Fark.com):


If you want to install Windows XP instead of Vista, email me b/c. I have a site license XP master CD.

You REALLY ought to return the computer as soon as you can and get a Mac. You will wonder how you suffered for so long with the crapware and other junk that sits on PCs, as well as that hairball otherwise known as Vista.

Seriously. I've yet to meet a staunch PC user, who tried a Mac, who ended up going back to a PC.

Go to an Apple Store (or the Mac Store at 7th & Multnomah), spend 30 minutes getting some basic instruction on a Mac from a friendly sales rep, and see if it's not 100% better experience.

Perhaps the readership can have an "Encourage Jack Bog to migrage" contest of some sort.

Seriously though - your life would become measurably more pleasant not to mention PRODUCTIVE with a Mac in it.

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