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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Lord, please make it stop

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Do "The Trees" host an endorsement interview, or is it just a membership vote?

Were deciduous trees notified of this decision: I noticed Dembro's endorsement photo only includes the evergreens?

Those fir trees have always been a little fast and loose with their endorsements: very messy if you ask me.

Looks like the fantasy of an unreciprocated teen crush, complete with fabricated return love note just to enhance the illusion.

Why do I sense a whole new cottage industry of political makeovers popping up? I thought Sam Adams was the only guy going for this kind of thing.

So much for saving the trees.

I would be more impressed with male nurses and female figherfighters, but hey. It's hard to top those tree endorsements.

As is the case with all public money, use it or lose it.

Just goes to show what Saltzman says....trees have rights....at least voting rights, huh?

This could be groundbreaking. As loose as clean money is we might be able to use this mailer as a legal precedent and finally run a tree for city council.

"If you're not forest, you're against us."

Looks like the firefighter delivers strip-o-grams to bachelorette parties.

That would explain the wood.

Thankfully, I've only received one campaign flyer in my neighborhood. It does make me wonder what that says about where I live or what politicians think about where I live?

In case anyone is interested, Dembrow is a state candidate and therefore not a publically financed one.

Trees know no political boundaries.

Teachers? Male?
Please we all know (as Oprah tells us) that all men are pedophiles.
They don't allow male teachers anymore. Especially in elementary schools.

Can't let the boys have role models. Have to keep them drugged up on ADHD meds. Nice a docile, like good girls.

After all our efforts are paying off. Less than 50% men in university.

Does that make Dembrow an effing Lorax?

Dembrow is clearly a man of high cellulosic fiber.

Branam (the ONE PERSON...who can get things done) could be making more green "sharing his heart and gifts" in another direction.

Let's hope they both manage to maintain their moral and intellectual prowess no matter the outcome of this election.

I expect great things from both of these candidates, especially if they lose.

Gee, the last I heard from the trees was this cryptic message that I got during consideration of logging, not too long after a Kennedy and Sonny Bono skied into one of their number:

"Stop clearcuts or another celebrity gets it. -- The Trees."

Well, that's it, I'm voting Dembrow.

If he's good enough for the Ents, then he's good enough for me.

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