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Monday, April 28, 2008

You say it's not easy for you

Eeeek. The dead-tree version of the O lost another 15,000 readers in the last six months. At this rate, they'll almost certainly drop below 300,000 circulation this summer. With the recession squeezing advertising hard, and the internet slowly killing off ink-on-paper readership, their tough times look like they're about to get tougher.

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I'm sure gas prices are real fun for their delivery system, too.

The front page redesign they implemented a few months ago is a joke... One large photo for that entire above-the-fold space, just for one story?? Stories that usually consist of Tonya Harding, the Blazers or new clinical studies on chocolate?? They take us to be stupid, shallow ignoramuses... they might have a role in making that the case.

While media content is often maligned, not enough is being made of how news is prioritized. Things that would have made Watergate seem quaint are now buried (or not reported) behind entertainment trivia, so what message does that send?

Whether or not we think the "O" has become obsolete and hokey, they still need to be held accountable because their reach is grossly underestimated... a significant percentage of our population still relies on headlines from TV or print for the entirety of what they know about the world. Hang out in any employee break room, cafe, bus --anywhere papers are shared-- and it become really apparent. Even if the internet is available, most folks don't visit news websites...

Perhaps DHS will take over delivery of the O as they have for the StatesmanJournal. Its a jobs training program for MR/DD adults who are in the States custody.

Its roll the paper, wrap it with a rubber band and toss it out the E-licensed vehicle car window on command.

Is that a deal or what?

I think the O' should stream line. Cut out the editorials and the opinion pieces. Tell cityhall and state government if they want to get favorable press they have to start paying for it, like anyother advertisers. Just report crimes, jury findings, new laws, election counts, sport box scores, weather forecasts, T.V schedules, movie schedules, and classifieds.

Maybe this will be the kick in the a** they need to make their website and blogs more user friendly. They could do well selling online ads if their site was a place people wanted to go, which they don't because the site is too hard to use.

It has nothing to do with economics. People are just tired of paying for propaganda in the guise of "news".

As noted previously, The New York Times and other newspapers are continuing their sharp decline. Editor & Publisher reports today that Sunday circulation for The New York Times fell a whopping 9.2%, while its daily rate fell by nearly 4% for the six-month period ending March 31, 2008. The story's much the same for other major liberal papers: the LA Times daily circulation dropped 5.1%, while Sunday declined 6.0%.

Boston Globe: 8.3% drop in daily; Sunday declined 6.4%. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution declined 8.5%; Sunday circulation dropped 5%. The Orange County Register plunged 11.9% to 250,724 and Sunday fell 5.3% to 311,982.

It's not about the economy. It's all about what the newsprint is doing. Subscribers and advertisers are voting with their feet.

If they start actually reporting news, they might reverse the trends. Ah, but that's not what they want to do. They want to "make a difference".

They certainly have. Subscription and advertising levels keep tanking.

Editors demand shiny new shovels so that they can keep digging.

We stopped delivery, because half the time it was not delivered at all....

The key words in max's post are "The story's much the same for other major liberal papers:" I canceled because of piss poor reporting but mainly because of their very liberal editorial stance.

Not a big surprise that the BOREGONIAN'S circulation numbers are falling. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published circulation figures for the largest 20 newspapers; and about the only newspapers showing any circulation gains were the Journal and USA Today - which is distributed FREE at lots of hotels all over the country.
I also agree with Richard/s about the BOREGONIAN'S liberal editorial and news bias. They are almost as bad as the SF Chronicle - another news rag that has lost it's way.

They've still got idiots like me who pay 75 cents daily and $2 on Sunday to get the paper at the newstands in eastern Oregon.

Max is absolutely right. The O is just a generic news rag with a right-wing editorial and news selection and placement bent run by a big publishing conglomerate in New York. The O does not reflect Portland's culture or political climate.

Well those are also inflated numbers. I tried cancelling my daily subscription just to get the Sunday only. I clip coupons and that's the only reason I didn't cancel the whole thing in the first place.
The Oregonian's response was to give me the daily for free and only charge me for receiving the Sunday paper. That's been going on for over a year now.

I canceled because of piss poor reporting but mainly because of their very liberal editorial stance.

Like their endorsement of George Bush in 2000 and 2004? [rolls eyes]

Nice try DaveJ. You find two R's out of 100's of D's they have endorsed.

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