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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Unfriendly skies

It looks like old Larry over at Continental Airlines has decided he doesn't like what he sees at United any more, and so talks between the two carriers about a merger are off. Unless United can somehow knit a silk purse out of the sow's ear that is US Air, it may wind up going under pretty soon.

Speaking of flying without money, I see that this guy knows where to get a good fare.

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I wonder what this means for Seattle-based Alaska Air Group? Might Continental want to sccoop up a smaller airline, with complimentary aircraft and gain an instant presence on the west coast? Though Alaska is better managed and has better customer service than most domestic airlines, I wonder how long a regional airline like it will persist in this consolidation frenzy.

John McCain: "This Bud is on you, Budweiser drinkers!"

I don't think Alaska is going to merge. They're safely profitable (except for quarters like this where fuel goes through the roof) and are fast becoming no longer a regional airline. I think Alaska is just fine, thnk you very much, with where they are right now and has no thoughts of merging.

I hope you're right David, and it is clear that the Alaska management doesn't want to merge. I wonder, however, about the possibility of a hostile takeover by someone like Continental or American.

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