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Thursday, April 3, 2008


Please forgive me if I'm not myself today. I've got a lot on my mind.

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A fitting retrospective. I broke down at least twice just watching it. Many thanks.

I laughed, I cried, I paid.

Move over Martin Scorsese. This has Oscar written all over it. When will it hit the theaters?

Great job, Jack.
Now on to Sundance...

Absolutely brilliant. And I even like Erik.

I really do miss former commissioner Mildred Schwab. I wonder how many times she's rolled over in her grave from Sten's antics alone?


Snap crackle pop production quality, Jack. Big up props.

Yet, I think it's short of some intended target. I still don't 'feel the hate,' while I do get a whack-a-mole fun calling him Opie and What-not, but is he a young-generation victim of Disney-ethic saturation -- too much Magic Kingdom / Santa Claus wannabe TV?. Anyway, it's your subject for some desktop production work, and toning that skillset is carrying you to powerful big things. You go guy.

Bottom line, as I watched, a different soundtrack kept pop-up ballooning in the vacuum of my mind created where all my attention was gone away, to be looking back at dreams of doing which mostly got jarred broken by barking dogs.

If you produce requests, here's my nominee as a subject -- June 12, 1915 -- to challenge your scoping skills.

looks like Erik's choice of presidential candidate didn't pay off.

Obama/Edwards 2008?

That little creep will never be out of a job, he can put on a Tuxedo and stand on wedding cakes. Every man in this city is nuts over that guy.

I think I just coughed up a little Stenball.

Parting thoughts:

Build a condo, save a child.

Fast free everything for everyone.*

If you can't afford it, fu%(in' finance it.

Getting dirty money out of politics, one pothole at a time.

*Taxpayers excepted.

Though a great first effort, it seems you have too much time on your hands. It's tax season, and you're goofing around on them thar interwebs that AlGore helped to build, before he discovered global worming.

Mister Tee: It turns out that a bunch of Municipal Finance Figure-ers, maybe even including Sten, have got the right idea about money and credit, and your idea is bogus and past its Last Sale Date.

All in one basic concept, thoroughly explained, (for those who missed it at the High School level), "fu%(in' finance" THIS: Credit as a Public Utility: the Key ..., by Richard C. Cook, Global Research, May 26, 2007.

... if market-based economics is so wonderful ... Why and how has “the market” done so much damage to the many while enriching the few? ... affects people’s health, keeps them up at night with worry, and even drives many to alcohol, legal or illegal drugs, or even suicide. Worldwide, economic stresses and the need to constantly work harder and find new sources of income just to survive contribute to tension among nations and increase the chances of war or terrorism.

,,, the author has proposed ... that credit, properly conceived, should be viewed as a public utility like water or electricity, NOT the exclusive PRIVATE domain of the financial industry. ... high degree of interest by readers in these ideas ....

... the concept of credit as a public utility is NOT a new idea. In fact it is inherent in the notion of a republic, a commonwealth of citizens, under which the U.S. was founded, as well as other forms of government throughout history. What is really ANOMALOUS is not the idea that credit should be viewed as a public, not a private heritage, but that the notion of the private ownership of credit to be allocated under “market” conditions ever should have gained so much credence in the first place.

It's the phony illegal 'economists.' Immoral AND ILLEGAL. Et tu, Mister Tee?

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