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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In defense of dead trees

Today I did something I hadn't done in quite a while -- picked up a hard copy of a local newspaper and leafed through it. It was Willamette Week, and I perused its contents while I had a little time to kill.

A lot of what I found inside, I could have gotten from the web version of that publication -- they're smarter than both Springsteen and the Times, they give Nick Fish a slight lead over Jim Middaugh in the Portland City Council race, Sho Dozono is a bad man, etc. But what I found fascinating were all the print ads, some of which conveyed important information that the online version leaves out. Did you know that Was (Not Was) is coming to town? That there's going to be a big music festival in San Francisco at which Steve Winwood will be performing?

This intertubes thing is interesting, but once in a while, the print edition holds charms of its own.

UPDATE, 10:43 p.m.: Speaking of Was (Not Was):

[Via Bean.]

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Did you know that Was (Not Was) is coming to town?

I was just thinking about them today. I had no idea they were coming to town. Nor did I know there was a new record. I do believe I'll be buying the record and attending the show. Cool!

Bow wow wow wow...

Nineteen tequilas later, we had a deal:
Havana goes back to the mob, and Fidel and I open a chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken shops

Ain't life sweet
I feel good
I feel better than James Brown
I feel better now

Where the hell are you, Daddy? That's what I'm sayin'
Down on my knees in tears and I'm prayin'
Wishing and hoping my dreams could come true
So I could feel like the other kids do
A young child but not complete as a whole
Before I was born you up and strolled
Mama was there but you was up in the wind
You never even knew my name and then
You never wrote, called, let alone came by
As a youth it was hard to wonder why
But now I'm older and I don't dwell on self-pity
Thinking about the life you didn't give me
I remember when I used to tell lies
When people would ask I'd just fantasize
Thinking of stories to make you look good
But the real truth was you was never no good
People would say I looked just like you
But rest assured I don't act like you
I'm more than that, my mama raised me better
And you can best believe I'm much more together
So believe that

I grew up reading the paper every day, I work for a newspaper (on their website) and I barely read any paper anymore. When I do, I wonder how I ever got the newsprint off my hands.

Woodwork squeaks and out come the freaks!

I hardly ever read Willamette Weak anymore, online or in print, ever since they got rid of the best part of the paper, the Tom Tomorrow cartoon.

When I do read it, it's usually during a Wednesday morning constitutional at work and I'm done with the paper and the c**p in about 5 minutes.

the best part of the paper, the Tom Tomorrow cartoon.

+1 on that!

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