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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Vatican's "new sins"

One of them is media reporting about the priest-child sex abuse scandals -- because it "discredits the church." Great message, Monsignor.

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The stories that are being heavily covered have long ago ceased to be "Priest X in parish Y was accused of committing abuse". I myself - sadly - have become somewhat hardened to such news. What is being covered are the continued activities in the hierarchy related to coverups, victim intimidation by legal manuvering, contrived bankrupties, sudden poverty syndrome, attempts to undermine agreed-upon settlements, and the like.

It is never too late to admit these errors, ask for forgiveness, and allow the healing to begin for victims, parishoners, clergy, and everyone else affected by this sad era.

They're beyond that. Which is why I'm done with them.

Condemn the messenger!

I'm guessing there is a VIP Tattler's Club in purgatory (interweb enabled), just for the bloggers.

That way they can keep on eye on all the teachers, coaches and clergy who used their positions to abuse children.

My, it's warm down there.

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