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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is one enough?

Sure, they're going to put in a day labor pickup station over by the Oregon Convention Center. But with the economy going the way it's been going, we may need another one downtown:

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Did you see the article in the Oregonian about Cityhall's plans to bring back streetcars to most of the eastside? Cityhall planners have a series of dog and pony shows planned to whitewash the support. This seems odd. I don't hear many of my neighbors on the inner eastside clamoring for such a transit system to compete with, or replace, the existing public bus system. The bus system works pretty good. Why not save the capital for things like fixing the sellwood bridge or investing in education infrastructure. I can't tell who's worse: PDX cityhall or the Bush Jr. Administration. Hello. Anybody, home?

The streetcar thread (of the day) is here.

I love it!

I wouldn't hire 'em. Bad work ethic.

This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Illegals should be arrested and deported, not pampered and catered to. What's next, building free housing for them, too? Oh wait, they DO get public housing assistance, even though they're "technically" not supposed to.

It seems incredibly unfair that there are actual citizens of this country who aren't quite able to make ends meet but make too much to qualify for any assistance, when these freakin' parasites just waltz in expecting a handout, and suck up resources that could be allocated to LEGAL residents who actually deserve it.

That is one of the funniest videos I've seen in a long time. Thanks for putting it into the spotlight!

Anne Thorpe, stats have proved over and over again that illegals don't really take too much in the form of welfare and in fact, probably end up giving quite a bit because they do pay income and sales taxes but get little to nothing in return outside their wages. The fact is, almost all of them are too afraid of losing their jobs to apply for any kind of public service. Immigrant labor is of a uneducated class of people who really have no true understanding of how the US operates. [which is why that video is only mildly interesting]

And no, I'm not defending illegals, especially as it relates to Mexicans. But there are more valid arguments then yours.

Anne, I got my House Landscaped,Painted and Roofed for a 1/4 of the cost, I can not afford for them to leave.

Meg, in a few years you'll be the one who provided landscape services, house painting and a roof to a Hispanic family for 1/4 of the usual cost. Hope you enjoy hard labor, heights, and lots of sun - and you don't expect health insurance.

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