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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome, Stanfordites

I see the Amanda Fritz-Charles Lewis brouhaha made the tail end of Phil Stanford's column today. If you're interested in reading our comment threads on that subject from last week, the lengthier one is here; the first one is here.

Alas, there is no new evidence to report on who actually sent in the IRS complaint on Lewis (and copied the Merc). Guess it will remain a mystery.

Hey, do you think if readers of this blog chipped in a grand or so to pay for it, Amanda would take a polygraph test?

Comments (4)

As Fred Leonhardt would doubtless tell you, polygraph tests don't prove anything.

Neither Amy nor Phil report that they even asked Amanda for comment . . . before publication. I suppose that is what comments are for, in print and in blog.

Would Amanda fail a polygraph even while telling a truth? (Can't _stutter_ get that _stutter_ "white . . . white . . .white . . . male . . . male . . . male . . . hate" out of my head.) It is just a stress test.

Maybe Amanda Fritz can make common cause with Sean Cruz that identity politics is all the explanation one needs to enter public life . . . subsuming the mundane 95 percent of the work expected of any public official. Sadly, the overlap of shared interests for any two distinct identity political ideologues is an EMPTY SET.

Amanda . . . Why did you choose to enter public life?

Have you ever tried to define Zero to a child?

Is it like asking Mr. Blackmer to define Audit?

I would ABSOLUTELY contribute to that!!!!

Phil Stanford: guy has never met a wacky conspiracy theory he didn't like.

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