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Monday, February 18, 2008

They put the "F" in Whole Foods

Rough start for their Napa store.

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What's more organic than unwashed hands?

I thought the F was for the $4.oo Dollar Loaf's of bread.

Napa’s new Whole Foods received an F grade in its first county food facility inspection.

So no union store had ever been previously inspected? I'd be willing to bet $$$ union stores wouldn't pass an unbiased inspection, but when it comes to union vs. non-union stores "unbiased" will never happen.

I thought the F was for the $4.oo Dollar Loaf's of bread.

Simple solution - buy cheap bread with 60 chemicals from a different store. So far people have a choice.

Kinda funny - The pop-up next to the story about failing health grades is for a hospital.

Speaking of unusual foods, does anyone know where I can find a red velvet groom's cake in Portland? I need it by Thursday evening, so I probably can't get it in the shape of an armadillo, but perhaps with a picture of an armadillo on it?


Cynthia- I know Joseph's Dessert Company (3436 S.E. Milwaukie) makes Red Velvet cakes... ph.503-231-0989. Maybe they can make a special one...

Even simpler solution to that overpriced bread: use a bread machine to make your own! Couldn't be easier!

And I second the nominations for Joseph's...They made our wedding cake and many other cakes over the years, and they are always delicious!

Thank you TKrueg and al. I have sampled some of Joseph's desserts that were out of this world. I'll plan to call them tomorrow.

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