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Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Week in Review

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Sam declares victory. He stages open houses, 49 people show up, half are staff/support people, he dances through his power point, never presents the option of "no new taxes", then gives 10 minutes for questions, never asks for a show of hands on any of the options, then declares "We VOTED!" Portland democracy.

When Sam says the people have spoken, the people don't vote.

And it's just a coincidence that the 89 member committee is the same as his Sam For Mayor campaign committee.

Now take your three minutes and shut up.

The voters in Portland are willing to raise taxes on themselves (2002 income tax). Let's see if Comm. Adams can sell transportation improvements as well as the county sold the education crisis. It will be fun to watch.

Now take your three minutes and shut up.

And if "too many" people show up to speak their minds, they'll shorten the time to 2 minutes each.

Mr Bogdanski may be a curmudgeon, but nobody can dispute that he's funny....

I resembe that fact: " Mr Bogdanski may be a curmudgeon ", Leave Mr Bogdansky out of it.

Ogawd, that Bill Clinton one is hilarious!

If the First Gentleman offers you a cigar, make sure it's still in the original wrapper.

Since Sam is going to win the election anyway wouldn't you think he'd take the opportunity to hide his true stripes for a minute and attempt to show everyone that he isn't an arrogant bully? ....Nahhh!

This morning's BOREGONIAN'S front page featured a story on the large number of tax proposals on the November ballot. Given the current economy, I would noy be surprised to see most of them fail by a wide margin. Given the recent property tax increases in Portland, I think even diehard liberals are going to find it difficult to vote for most of them. Maybe Portland will get lucky and kick Sam Adams to the curb this coming election cycle also.

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