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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lament II

A sad story from Arlington: The famous mayor has been stripped of her title.

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Don't feel too bad for her. The O's version of this article mentions that she is Ebay-ing signed copies of the famous photo (and donating a portion of the proceeds).

I do feel sorry for her highschool-senior daughter - Mom's abs must be a hard act to follow.

Retards. I think I'll start dumping my garbage out there just to express my disappointment.

Oh, never mind.

I think it was a stupid reason to remove her, but it seems the system worked like it should.

One Morning in Arlington:

look, mom, the Mayor is on MySpace and has pictures in her underwear!

oh, it's okay dear, that's how adults act these days. 40-something civic leaders create web pages of themselves in bra and panties.

but--that's weird! why would grownups create pages on MySpace, where the average age is 15, and post pictures in their panties for everybody to see?

why, becuase they want everybody to look at them, dear. it's how adults act these days--but we're not allowed to criticize narcissists.

it's creepy. if i want to be mayor, do I have to pose in my underwear? and what's a "narcissist"?

eat your cereal, dear. life is about rights, not responsibilities.

Now if we could just get the Governor recalled...

I think the key to the story is in the last line. The Golf Course. I have some relatives that worship there. Don't ever mess with that religion or you will be lucky you are left in just your underwear.

OPB radio said this morning that anyone could still go out and use the golf course, since they didn't really close the course - they just laid off two staffpersons (one a contractor). Still, it's a perception thing, I suppose. And I agree with dman, it is religion we're talking here.

It's probably also the water and sewer issues, and rates for same - both issues she inherited, not of her own causing.

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