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Monday, January 7, 2008

They're still playing?

Tonight's the night they compete for the national championship. But man, college football season seems like a long, long time ago...

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It does seem like the college football season is interminably long. But this past season did provide some interesting twists. Too bad about Dennis Dixon, though -- It would have been fun seeing Oregon vie for the National Championship. Before Dixon went down it was already getting crazy around here.

Mostly because there's that huge gap between the regular season and the bowls. If we had a playoff that was continuous from the December 1 games through January 1, it'd feel OK.

Keep in mind that the football season (Sept 1 to Dec 1, plus bowls) is shorter than basketball (Nov 1 to April 7) or pretty much all the sports.

With so many of the games played after Jan 1, it just doesn't seem the same anymore. New Years day just doesn't have the same cache it used to.

I'll agree with that. New Year's isn't anything like the past, when you needed three sets to watch all the games on television on 1/1.

I looooooved this past season. I get so sick of seeing the same ol' teams playing in the post-season bowl games. I'm sick of all the Floridas. I'm sick of seeing all those sucky Notre Dame games. Upsets of standing and leaders by nearly unknowns is heartening to me.

I'm actually rather pleased that California had a shot at championship play the last couple of years. It's been in the Pac-10 basement far too long.

Unfortunately, even with all the upsets, we get repeats OSU and LSU in the "championship" game, and USC and Illinois in the Rose Bowl. I think it's time USC got kicked to the curb and another, just as deserving, school gets an opportunity at the Rose Bowl.

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