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Friday, January 18, 2008

Big odometer turn

This blog just had its 2,000,000th unique visit:

Our 1,000,000th came in on September 12, 2006. That works out to 2,028 unique visits a day since then. Thanks to everyone who visits here.

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Visit 2,000,000 came in from the 'Couv:

Congratulations Jack, I was thinking along with the number of visits counter, you might consider installing a "count down timer" as to the number of days, hours, and minutes until the bushwhacker is off his self installed Throne.

Congrats Jack. And you've only quit once during this time-period. Well, done.

If I didn't know better, I'd say you show real potential as a blogger.

Contrast this with the near 0 comments on Oregonian blogs.

Imagine if Bog's wife was a communications director for,,, say the PDC,, and he cooincidentally shilled for Urban Renewal. That would be unethical.

But this regular bojack visitor predicts a shill-to-a-new-level editorial from the Oregonain editorial page, as editor Bob Caldwell's wife has that role for OHSU.
Because he has no ethics.

In light of the OHSU story today spinning their imminent lack of research growth on their loss of their tort cap, Caldwell will be piling on with an excuse making plea for a mountain of public bailout money.

Fortunately it will be fully blogged about right here.

And as a sign of the increasingly-mobile digital age, your 2-millionth visit came from an iPhone running Safari (note the details of the computer/computing system).

Congratulations, I've always appreciated you addressing issues head on. YOU tied BlueOregon for hits in Nov, hopefully in '08 you'll pass them.

Not sure what constitutes a unique visit, but each of my many visits so far has been unique. Thanks for that (among other things).

So what is a "unique" visit? An uncommon one?

You da man!

Very impressive. Congrats, Cuz.

Not sure what constitutes a unique visit, but each of my many visits so far has been unique.

...like snowflakes, Allan, like snowflakes...

Congratulations, Jack.

What's your secret?

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