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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Blazers' season officially over

Guess who's back stinking up the gym and polluting the minds of the young talent. My friends, another year is history. Maybe they'll trade this year's high draft pick (and it will be quite high) for a good veteran. Maybe Coach Nate will realize that the team has no offense, and he'll bring in a strong assistant who can show him how to create one. Maybe Travis Outlaw will wake up and develop some basketball IQ. Maybe they'll figure out which position Martell is any good at.

But I doubt it.

Each night I pray in thanksgiving for an abundance of good things in my life. If I stay awake long enough before I doze off, I include my being too cheap to spring for a piece of a season ticket after Gimpy Oden came on board. Last year was actually a better year to have been there.

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Have you ever noticed how women hold grudges they never seem to get beyond?

Anyway -

Anybody who doesn't belive in trickle down economics hasn't seen a TrailBlazer in a strip bar. Wads of dollar bills trickling just fine.

Jack- You want nothing more than to see Miles gone, right? Well, how are they going to move him and his contract if they aren't 'putting on appearances'? They have to show the media that he's rehabbing, he's got a good attitude, and that he's with the team. As for the notion that he's gonna poison minds in the locker room, don't you think that's a little simplistic? He's not going to change how LaMarcus or Brandon go about their lives... they're grown men, and they are who they are.

The team is still looking up, and putting itself in great position financially. Aside from Chicago, we have more trade bait to work with in the coming years and we'll be a serious player on the free agent market soon.

With the current roster, it may be difficult to see the forest through the trees, but the pieces are unquestionably falling into place. Unless you're Boston and you turn your fortunes around overnight through trades, it doesn't happen quickly.

As a Blazer fan, it helps to grin and bear it, as long as they're trying...

I kinda thought the Blazers would be better this year as well. But uh, I'm still not willing to give up.

The team is still incredibly young. They got rid of Randolph assuming Greg Oden would be helping out on the boards. Then, G.O. gets hurt, so that's out.

I still think they're moving in the right direction, even though they may lose more games this year than last year.

how are they going to move him and his contract

They aren't. But they should be paying him to stay away, the way he did last year. Letting him show the young players how to be a chucklehead is not a good idea.

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