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Sunday, December 2, 2007

As we like it

The Beavers beat the Ducks, and Stanford beat Cal, and so all's well that ends well in college football.

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I thought the best ending before the bowl games went to Hawaii. The QB threw for over 400 yards and 5 TDs. The mighty Warriors came back from 21 down to beat Washington well after midnight our time. As for the Ducks: I'm sure someone's gotten to this line first, but if not, here goes: The Ducks went from ranked to rank.

Yes Jack but Ohio State will play LSU in the BCS title game. So all IS right in college football afterall.

Greg C

Go Ohio!

It seems to me that I saw something that USC is going to the Rose Bowl...what gives? Why not Arizona State? Both have the same win-loss records. What...did USC beat ASU?

I get heartily tired of seeing USC all the time. I've come to hope that somebody will puncture the Trojans. It doesn't matter who, just somebody.


USC went to ASU and destroyed them 44-24. Hence, they go to the Rose Bowl.

Plus...I'm seeing comments that BCS is sending Illinois to the Rose Bowl to face USC, not Ohio State.

I'm getting tired of this BCS BS. What're the arguments against a playoff system? Time? They're surely losing money this way.


Only throwing for 442 yards and 35 points at home vs the lame Huskies D has to be considered a bad performance by Hawaii, shoot Arizona had 500 yards passing and 49 points against them, in Husky Stadium, the Cougars got 42 points.

I'll go on record now, Hawaii is way over rated and Georgia will destroy them. If they played in the Pac 10 they'd be lucky to be 6-5. Basically they'd be a middle of the pack team, think Arizona or Cal. What you saw in this game before Tyrone Willingham's usual ineptness took over was how undersized Hawaii was vs. even the worst team in the Pac 10.

Remember the other "good" WAC team is one of the few teams that managed to lose to the Dawgs.

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