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Monday, November 5, 2007

Reader poll: Will the Ducks make it to national title game?

First, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am not a Duck fan, and I am not getting anywhere near that bandwagon. Indeed, I hope they lose to the Beavers, which would be rich indeed. But I do wonder how many readers out there are indulging in The Current Fantasy. So here goes:

Will the University of Oregon football team play in the national championship game at the end of this season?
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Comments (20)

Yes, if they win out and if LSU and/or Ohio State loses a game somewhere along the line.

If Michigan wins out, Oregon will probably get the # 1 BCS ranking.

I am praying that Ohio State loses, just so the nation doesn't have to witness yet another overrated Big 10 team getting its clock cleaned in the championship game. Last year's Florida-Ohio State debacle should be all the proof anyone needs that the Big 10 can't compete in modern college football. Ducks vs. LSU would be a fun game to watch.

Since when does the BCS system result in a national championship game?

There's no such thing as a "national championship" in college football and there won't be until someone figures out how to make money off a playoff system.

Funny thing is the folks in the rest of the country complain about the Big Ten and the PAC Ten being the overrated conferences. If so it might be that Ohio State and the Ducks would be the more competitive game.

Greg C

Jack, are you a Beavers fan??

Meh. More so than a Ducks fan, I suppose.

I am hoping for a LSU vs Oregon game for the National Championship, that would be a great game! Ohio State is way overrated and I don't see them winning out, but both Oregon and LSU will win out.


ps- The Beavers stink this year, they have zero chance of beating the Ducks in Eugene this season.

I wish, but I don't see it happening. It has nothing to do with the Ducks not winning out and everything to do with the two ahead of us not losing. LSU looks to have a cakewalk, and while Ohio State might very well be overrated, they don't have much in their way.

And people need to pay attention to Kansas. Even if UO wins out, I wouldn't be surprised to see Kansas move ahead of UO. They might not have the most difficult schedule, but it isn't so cupcake that it can just be written off (i.e. Hawaii).

i would love to see it happen.. but its very unlikely no matter who wins or loses... no one really cares about the Duccs but oregonians.... remember a few years ago when they were supposed to go?... it would be great but i dont think anyone really wants us in...

*****LSU looks to have a cakewalk, and while Ohio State might very well be overrated, they don't have much in their way.*****

Oh I don't know about that, LSU still has to play in the SEC Champinship game. Probably against BCS #10 Georgia and in Atlanta this year. Ohio State still has to go to Ann Arbor to play Michigan which means anything could happen. I am not a big Ducks fan but I would say they have just as good or better chance than either LSU or Ohio State to make it to the big game.

Greg C

I didn't see a "who gives a rip?" button for an option.

If I had seen it, I would use it.


I've heard that "Oregon State is no challenge for Oregon" routine several times in the past. And yet...OSU has prevailed at the Civil War games on multiple occasions when it was reputedly "no challenge".

Anything is possible, yet.

There seems to be a discussion along a NC game...what ever happens the Ducks will kick booty whether it's LSU, Ohio St, OK, WV....bring it on....

I recently moved to South Carolina and there is no respect for any of the NW schools. #4 & #6 teams play and what do they show back here. Georgia and Troy (?) What a joke and put down on the teams on the West Coast. Just for that reason, I am rooting for Oregon to make it into the BCS championship. A little bias here. Might as well show Furman and Troy.

I'm noting that it's a statistical dead heat. Much like it's always going to be when there are only two "choices" to be made.

They'll get screwed again, despite being worlds better than Ohio State. If you want to win a "championship," it's far better not to play anybody than to play several somebodies and narrowly lose to one of them.

Oh -- and no one need pay any attention to Kansas. Even if the Jayhawks get past Missouri somehow, Oklahoma will beat them like a narc at a biker rally.

I dunno about Ohio State, but I suspect LSU is kinda fraudy. They've had to pull some crazy 4th Qtr stunts to avoid losing. Methinks that luck will run out at some point....

well if you say the beavers will win the civil war that doesnt honestly make sense.. sure they're a good team.. looking bacc at games.. the home team hasnt lost a civil war in around ten years.. so breaking that chain might not be easy.. especially at Autzen

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