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Sunday, November 25, 2007

High holidays

My buddy Doug the Mountain Climber sends this report along with some fresh photos of Mount Jefferson:

Given your past interest in the "shape" of Mt. Jefferson, I thought you’d be interested in some shots from the west side. While the profile from the north (and south) is pretty sharp (classic mountain peak), like many of the old, blown out Cascades volcanoes, the E-W profile is pretty fat (3 Finger Jack, Washington, and Broken Top all have a similar profile). These were taken from a snowy spot called Grizzly Peak above Pamelia Lake at about 5,800' – a lovely spot to have all to myself on such a gorgeous day (Friday). For perspective, the summit shot was taken with a 300mm lens and shows about the upper 2,000' of the mountain. The summit block is about 400' above the saddles to either side, though the traditional "easy" route to the true summit is via the north (left) side of the summit block, thus requiring a traverse from the south saddle (so-called Red Saddle) for the final ascent when the approach is from that quadrant.

Comments (3)

Spectacular, from the lens of a mountaineer. Thanks for sharing.
Anyone else spot the image of "Bevis " in the center shadow of the lower pic. A lesser miracle perhaps? It is Sunday.

True Spirit.

Thank you for sharing. Beautiful

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