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Monday, October 22, 2007

Buckle up

Could be another bad day for your 401(k).

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We can all thank our "smart bankers" for dumping bucketloads of money into sub-prime mortgage backed securities. As of last week, several of the major banks including Bank of America were deeply in the financil doghouse. And it looks like it will get worse in the weeks ahead before it gets better. In fact, bank stocks are probably one of the worst places to invest your money right now.

Or not.

Cheer up, it is about restoring affordability for the next round, for the new buyers.

"Video - Ride the 'Home Value Roller Coaster'!"

Dow up 44.95
NASDQ up 28.77
S&P up 5 +
Probably buy orders in the wake of the plunge last week?

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