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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Truly incompetent

The Democratic Congress, that is. Not as dumb as Bush, but the margin is not too wide.

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When it comes to domestic spying, apparently the only role for the secret FISA court now is to determine whether certain activities for which the court retains judicial review (communications in-country) exceed a "clearly erroneous" standard. This of intentionally vaguely drafted standards.
Thus, meaningful judicial review has been neutered. So much for separation of powers. Do we really want to leave this administration's spying activities unchecked???

I don't blame the Chimp and his goons -- this is to be expected. But if the fat old blue blowhards like Teddy and Biden aren't going to stand up to them on war and civil liberties, then what the heck good are they?

" ... to be expected" ???!?!

Maybe of traitors.

Sort of an inconvenient truth

I just don't understand the insistence on stripping FISA. An ungodly high percentage of applications are granted by FISA courts already. What bothers me most is that there has been no actual showing (to the public at least) of any way in which the administration is actually burdened by the process as it is. Just bland assertions, which unfortunately is par for this admin's course.

Just another building block of Executive Order 51. Want to get scared? Google it up and remember parts are so secret even god is not allowed to read them.

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