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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Portland in the news

And this time, the news ain't good.

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And this time,

um, maybe I missed it but when was the last time Portland making it into the news was good news?

Well that will teach me about going off half cocked. should have clicked the link first.

Hey, Portland's in the news for good things on a regular basis. Homelessness is down, at least somewhat. The feds paid up for the Water Bureau help on Katrina. Commissioner Sten has virtually disappeared. The Goldschmidt people are mostly out of the PDC. The condo market is way soft. The local food and libations just get better and better. Businesses are noticing how nice Portlanders generally are, and it's actually bringing in a little taxpaying commerce. A police officer and a fireman were actually disciplined for brutality recently. The fed disaster drill didn't coincide with an actual disaster. It ain't all bad.

Thank you, Jack. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Ok Jack I guess it's not all bad.

Homelessness is down, at least somewhat.
ya mean they couldn't rename all the street people as The indigenousness street life?

The feds paid up for the Water Bureau help on Katrina.

Commissioner Sten has virtually disappeared
Even better

The Goldschmidt people are mostly out of the PDC.

Beter late than never.

I think I'll stop there.

What did I miss? Police Chief Corwin LaDuke? was this a joke article?

"was this a joke article?"

Everything in The Onion is a joke article. Some of the articles may contain a lot of truth, but that's only when reality is funnier than anything they could possibly make up.

What's really funny is when some news service reprints their articles as factual reporting.

Cheap imitation toothbrushes, off brand napkins--don't they have Dollar Tree where the Onion is published?

Maybe you read a counterfeit The Onion.

This one's legit. None of the packaging would have you suspect there is the envy of Paris and a nice video about Portland, HERE.

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