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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More dirty Clinton money

Remember Johnny Huang? This time around his name is Norman Hsu. Hillary's literally got fugitives running around raising cash for her.

Yeah, that's going to win the Presidential election. America doesn't mind the crookedness. Sure.

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It's only the appearance of an outstanding arrest warrant, so . . . surely Ms. Clinton is entitled to the benefit of the benefit . . . and the doubt. What a fine bunch of people!

It's always been that way. I remember when her partner, Web Hubbell, whom she brought to Washington to run the criminal enforcement side of the justice department, went to jail for charging hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of personal shopping to clients of their old law firm, the Rose law Firm. Her miracle bets on the stock market, etc., etc.

Crooked as the day is long.

Tsk, tsk, In Fascist Republic of Amerika all is fair in corporate Amerika and politics. Benito would be so happy.

The real action in Arkansas involved drug-smuggling through the Mena airport. It was a CIA operation to help the Contras, among others, and the first President Bush was involved with Governor Clinton in the mix. That's why a true Republican investigation of the rise of the Clintons in Arkansas could never go too far. It led to some powerful Republicans.

1) Should anyone with a warrant not be allowed to give $$$ to a political campaign?

2) How can you be sure a candidate knows each donor is as clean as Jack Bog?

It's not just giving money. The guy was out doing third-party fundraising as well.

If I were a Presidential candidate, I would make sure that the people fundraising for me were not on the lam from the law after pleading no contest to grand theft.

Here's the latest from the Times on Mr. Hsu.

BTW, this is vintage Clinton camp: "I know I pleaded no contest and was sentenced to three years, but I thought that was all taken care of even though I never showed up to serve my time."

Hillary Clinton's campaign announced yesterday that they are donating to charity $23,000 they had received from New York businessman Norman Hsu, and review thousands of dollars more that they have received through him. Hsu is in fact a fugitive from justice in the state of California, having failed to show up for sentencing after his conviction in 1991 for fraud. Other Democratic candidates are also divesting money received through Hsu, including Al Franken in Minnesota. However, a spokesman for Barack Obama's campaign said they have no plans to return or donate their money from Hsu."

Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner - Anon at 9:37 just hit the nail on the head.

Is the Mena airport anywhere the Castle Grande development?

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