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Friday, August 31, 2007

Have a great holiday weekend

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Great vid, reminds me of Nolan Ryan in his prime, not some old man past his prime.

Let me get this straight: The Boss announces a tour but skips Portland. Meanwhile, Stevie Wonder plays Edgefield last night in a show for the ages, and yet the guy from New Jersey lands the coveted "Have a nice weekend" slot? I love the track but where's the Detroit love? Having Stevie Wonder here was historic - he was beyond awesome and the band was from God.

Todd: The Nolan Ryan line was fairly amusing the first time you used it, on Tuesday. But now you're showing what a repetitive old codger you are. Get a new song, troll.

Bill: Stevie was here three weeks ago.

I apologize for appearing critical. I was just kidding around - using it to work in my post-concert buzz. Stevie Wonder's appearance was deep and I can't stop talking about it today. What a musical star. I would also like to apologize to Bruce Springsteen and, for that matter, to Rosalita herself: "I've done a lot of foolish things, that I really didn't mean."
What a concert.

I've seen Stevie three times. The second show ("Innervisions") was the best concert I've ever attended, by far. Lots of Bruce shows come in second.

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