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Friday, July 20, 2007

Qwest cable TV coming to Portland?

That's the plan, apparently. Can't imagine that competition with the current monopoly could be a bad thing for consumers. More details are here.

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Good. I'm plenty tired of being raped by Comcast, and so are a lot of other people.

There is, in fact, competition from the satellite folks. My experience with DirecTV has been good -- but you have to live where you have a view of the southern sky, I guess.

Indeed, I should have said more competition.

Is there satellite internet?

Jack Bog, new ally with Opie on his crusade against Comcast?!?! What an amazing Friday!

If Opie has anything to do with this, I'm sure it will be bungled.

I'm sure he hates Qwest, too. If it were up to him, all cable TV would be "free" and provided by a fly-by-night outfit from San Jose.

Qwest is really no different than Comcast and they have notoriously horrible customer service.

Hmmm...maybe with that fly-by-night outfit I can get all those scrambled adult channels for free!

Hula is right..you are liable to have an equally horrible experience with any of the big phone/cable/cellphone providers.

I believe there is satellite internet, but I don't know anything about it. I use Qwest DSL, where I have (contrary to some of the above posters) had good customer service and generally satisfactory experiences. One nice feature: Qwest doesn't require me to use it as my ISP, something Comcast could emulate, but they've instead spent a bundle in legal fees (much of it in court against the City of Portland) getting the courts to support their monopoly in ISP service.

DirecTV has satellite internet (DirecWay), but it's painfully slowwww. Only good if you've finally decided to set up that bunker in the middle of nowhere and can't get online any other way.

Yes, there is satellite internet. And broadband speeds too. A friend of my wife's lives in Bend, out in the sticks. She has satellite internet service by Wildblue, and it works great. No phone line needed either like the old days.

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