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Monday, July 23, 2007

Life is mysterious

A reader who doesn't like the five-building condo project going in at NW 24th and Westover in Portland writes us to complain. Construction activity has seemed nonexistent for weeks now, she says, and yet the sidewalk remains blocked off, and now parking has been prohibited across the street. What is going on over there? she asks.

I have no idea.

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Same thing is going on at the hideous construction project at SE 26th and Division. That has to be one of the slowest projects I've seen in some time. And they've not only closed sidewalks on both streets, they've constricted Division to one lane.

I just assume that there is some kind of litigation going on. I hope somebody is losing a bundle of money on that thing.

I live very close to that site, and I see it on a daily basis. It's definitely a slow-going project, but I don't think it's any slower than most of the the other comperable condo construction sites around town - for whatever that's worth. I have to disagree with your anonymous reader, though. I've seen regular construction at that site, as recently as this morning. Again, it may be very slow, but it's happening.

Anybody ever make a phone call and ask the contractor?

I think the reader was more raising a policy point of whether the closing of sidewalks and streets should have some time limits placed on them, to give the developers the incentive to get the jobs finished.

Or at least to the point that the sidewalks and the streets are usable.

There is working going on daily. It is mostly inside at this point.

There is a lot of work that has to happen underground before sidewalks are re-installed. Sidewalks are usually one of the last things to be done to prevent damage from the ongoing work.

It is a pain but you have to progress step by step and cannot magically jump from step 2 to step 6.

To their credit, the developers at 26th and Division created a pedestrian path on the south side of Division next to their project.(Behind Jersey barriers) So, at least on Division, pedestrian access is maintained.

They did remove a lane on Division though. However, that lane disappears 3 blocks further east anyway.

They also removed something beautiful and replaced it with something brutal and ugly.

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