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Thursday, May 31, 2007

You be the judge

What's a just punishment for this guy (assuming he's convicted)?

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His sentence should require him to do nothing all day but read spam...

Maybe he ought to be sent over to Lagos and left there to cash in his lottery winnings.

I like Mike's suggestion, except I would make it a life sentance of reading nothing but spam all day, everyday!

After it's forcibly tattooed all over his body? Yes.

Maybe he should have to rewrite -- by hand -- all the spam he sent.

Helen Thomas porno, need I say any more?

two words: unwanted intrusion.

How about a "special" diet while he cools his itchy fingers behind bars. That mystery meat "spam". Adds new meaning to the term "three squares" eh??

The guy has a PUBLIC DEFENDER and he was pulling down 700K? What's up with that?

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